Serbia's Rerun Elections: A Last Stand for Democracy?

Voters in Serbia are participating in rerun elections amidst allegations of irregularities and voter fraud. The ruling right-wing populists, accused of corruption and crime links, aim to solidify power. Opposition urges free elections but remains divided, making it crucial for democracy in the troubled nation.

PTI | Belgrade | Updated: 02-06-2024 12:31 IST | Created: 02-06-2024 12:31 IST
Serbia's Rerun Elections: A Last Stand for Democracy?
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Voters in Serbia headed to the polls on Sunday for rerun elections in Belgrade and several other cities. The elections come following reports of widespread irregularities in December that sparked political tensions. Allegations of vote rigging by President Aleksandar Vucic's Serbian Progressive Party have been vehemently denied by the ruling populists, who nevertheless scheduled the repeat ballot.

In addition to Belgrade, the elections will decide more than 80 municipal councils and key city halls, including those in Novi Sad and Nis. Vucic, who aims to guide Serbia into the European Union, has been criticized for leaning away from pro-EU democratic values while fostering close ties with Russia and China.

Pro-Western opposition groups accuse Vucic of corruption, crime links, and democratic suppression. These groups, behind significant anti-government protests last year, have since fragmented, increasing voter apathy. Despite the opposition's division, if they manage to secure local councils, it could signify a crucial shift in Serbia's political landscape.

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