Congress Slams 'Bogus' Exit Polls: Psychological Games by Modi, Says Jairam Ramesh

The Congress has denounced exit polls predicting a win for Modi’s NDA, calling them psychological tactics to demoralize opposition workers and justify election rigging. Congress leader Jairam Ramesh accuses Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah of attempting to intimidate the bureaucracy and manipulate perceptions ahead of vote counting.

PTI | New Delhi | Updated: 02-06-2024 12:41 IST | Created: 02-06-2024 12:41 IST
Congress Slams 'Bogus' Exit Polls: Psychological Games by Modi, Says Jairam Ramesh
Jairam Ramesh
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The Congress has vehemently dismissed the recent exit polls as 'bogus', alleging they are a deliberate attempt to justify election rigging and serve as psychological ploys by Prime Minister Narendra Modi aimed at lowering the morale of the INDIA bloc workers.

Speaking at the AICC headquarters, Congress General Secretary Jairam Ramesh criticized Modi for conducting multiple meetings, including a brainstorming session to review a 100-day agenda for the purported new government. Ramesh termed these actions as 'pressure tactics' to signal to the bureaucracy and administrative structures that Modi is returning to power.

'These are mind games to project that Modi will be the Prime Minister again,' Ramesh told PTI. He expressed hope that civil servants involved in vote counting would resist these intimidation efforts. He further criticized the exit polls as orchestrated by Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, pointing out discrepancies in the projected seat counts.

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