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Apple Watch 5 users report strange battery-related issues

‌Apple Watch‌ 5 was launched in September 2019 but complaints about low battery life have been persistent.

Devdiscourse News Desk | Sonipat | Updated: 01-08-2020 17:12 IST | Created: 01-08-2020 17:12 IST
Apple Watch 5 users report strange battery-related issues

Apple Watch 5 has been one of the most sold smartwatches on the planet but battery life issues have been a painful nuisance ever since its launch in September 2019.

Short battery life was one thing but some Apple Watch 5 users have recently reported strange battery-related issues that cause the device to show inconsistent battery levels and even cause random shutdowns.

MacRumors recently reported the issues quoting some users that said their Apple Watch 5's battery levels remain unchanged for several hours and then suddenly drop significantly. The watch also reportedly shuts down randomly.

"Prior to a recent update, my watch had been accurate in reporting its battery level. It's hard to say which recent update MAY have created the issue, or if it's a result of something different, but I'm currently running watchOS 6.2.8. For the past few weeks, my watch has been reporting at or near 100% battery levels for the duration of the day - 5-6 hours at least. It will then drop down to around 53% and then abruptly shut off. Once restarted, it reports a battery level of 53% but will then shut down again if not placed on a charger," MacRumors quoted a user as saying.

‌Apple Watch‌ 5 was launched in September 2019 but complaints about low battery life have been persistent and it appears that Apple hasn't yet been able to fix the issue. The issue is not widespread but a significant number of users seem to have been affected. MacRumors reports that Apple has given out replacement watches to some affected users, but other techniques, such as resetting the watch, repairing, deleting watch faces, and more have not worked.

Similar issues have been reported by users of Apple Watch 4 as well on Apple Support Communities as well as Twitter.

Some Apple Watch 4 users have complained on Apple Support Communities that battery levels have dropped significantly after a recent update.

"After I updated my Apple Watch 4 to Version 6.2.1 the battery life extremely shortened, it won't last more than 5 hrs ?? I did unpair, reset, pair new watch multiple times with no benefit," a user said on the forums.



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