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Trivitron Healthcare unveils its innovative Flat Panel Digital C-arm, Felicia

Trivitron Healthcare unveils its innovative Flat Panel Digital C-arm, Felicia

Kiran Medical Systems, the radiology division of Trivitron Healthcare, introduced its innovation-driven Elite – Flat Panel Digital C-arm & Felicia – Digital Mammography system during the Arab Health Convention in Dubai.

The Elite Digital C-arm offers a World-Class Surgical Imaging experience for high precision image Guided Procedures. Elite Digital features high-resolution digital image acquisition with 1K X 1K Flat Panel Detector and 16-bit image processing. With World-Class 5 kW, 40 KHz X-Ray Generator with ABS for optimized dose, Elite Digital delivers superior imaging with higher grayscale resolution that makes various anatomical structures visible with greater accuracy. Elite Digital features DSA - Digital Subtraction Angiography that is used in Vascular Procedures and Road Mapping feature that allow surgeons to find the path to reach the target location in branches during the surgery. The Equipment offers extra power for complex cases and active cooling to prevent overheating during long procedures.

With User-friendly Workstation and a Storage capacity of more than 100,000 images, Elite Digital offers wide Intra-Operative Imaging Applications. Felicia – Digital Mammography system is a result of Kiran's commitment to fight Breast Cancer through the power of advanced technology. Felicia is designed in such a way that the overall mammogram experience is less painful for patients, easier for caregivers and delivering high-quality clinical images at low radiation dose. Felicia features an advanced Cesium Iodide scintillator detector with 77-micron pixel pitch that helps in delineating the smallest of calcifications that is pivotal for early detection of breast cancer.

Felicia's Flex Paddle Technology accommodates the natural contour of the breast and allows image capture with reduced patient discomfort. The equipment includes an Acquisition Workstation and Review Workstation with dual 5 MP high-resolution monitors for Advanced Reports management and precise diagnosis. Kiran's portfolio of radiology products includes the Ultisys range of Mobile & Fixed Radiography systems with the option of digital image acquisition chain, Infinity and Elite series surgical C-Arm systems available in 3.5kW and 5.0kW generator power options, a comprehensive range of Radiation Protection Products, Anti-scatter X-ray grids and a wide range of Imaging Accessories.

The manufacturing facilities of Kiran comply with the most stringent quality standards and are registered with US-FDA, SGS-UK, Health Canada and PMDA-Japan amongst others. Kiran's range of radiology equipments are made cost-effective for the Indian market by adhering to the company's inherent philosophy of 'Make in India'. With approximately 50-65% of the entire raw materials / components designed and manufactured from scratch in India, there is a significant cost reduction in the development of the equipment subsequently enabling the brand to make the products available at affordable prices.

With Kiran's newly launched Flat Panel Digital C-arm & Digital Mammography systems, mid-size hospitals and diagnostic centers could avail such high-end technology enhancing healthcare delivery and reach to the remotest geographies. Speaking on the occasion Mr. Satyaki Banerjee, CEO of Kiran Medical Systems commented, "Kiran is committed to the field of Radiology developing products that help enhance medical imaging, significantly enhancing Diagnostic Confidence and Surgical Accuracy depending on the application.

The launch of the Digital Mammography and Digital C-Arm is the first step towards launch of a comprehensive suite of Smart Imaging Equipment with integrated image processing, reconstruction and diagnostic software tools that would help Healthcare Providers store, retrieve, process, multiplex images leading to significant enhancement in the healthcare delivery process. In the near future Kiran would be enhancing the imaging software platform incorporating Artificial Neural Networks using Deep Learning algorithms to assist the radiologist in differential diagnosis."

Commenting on this development Dr. GSK Velu, Chairman and Managing Director, Trivitron Group of Companies said, "Trivitron Healthcare's driving goal is to make World-Class Healthcare Affordable and Accessible to everyone across the Globe. With a strong focus on Research & Development and Manufacturing, Trivitron has made significant strides in last few years in developing high-end medical technology at affordable cost which is improving the healthcare penetration across the globe. Kiran's launch of World-Class Products like Elite - Digital C-arm & Felicia Digital Mammography systems is just the beginning of a suite of Radiology Products to be launched by Kiran in 2019 and it's one of the most defining moments in the history of Trivitron Healthcare."

(With inputs from agencies.)

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