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US says its pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai sponsored by UAE

US says its pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai sponsored by UAE

Dubai, Jan 16 (AP) The United States said its participation at this year's World's Fair in Dubai is being made possible by "the generosity of the Emirati government." The US State Department said Wednesday Emirati sponsorship of America's pavilion, estimated to be at least USD 60 million, was made "in recognition of the strong partnership between the United States and the United Arab Emirates."

The UAE's sponsorship raises a number of questions, such as why American businesses are not paying directly to participate under the umbrella of the US pavilion. It's possible that the biggest US companies may choose to have their own separate presence.

Also, it's unclear how the United States government will now decide which companies and products will be featured in the pavilion, and whether the host nation could have a say in the content that's being showcased. Dubai is pouring billions of dollars into Expo 2020, hoping the exhibition will generate new business and spur its economy amid a slowdown in growth.

The expo starts in October and runs for six months. It marks the first time a country in the Middle East hosts the fair, which showcases technology and the most innovative ideas of the future. The light bulb and the Ferris wheel were showcased at the 1893 fair in Chicago.

The X-ray followed at Buffalo's 1901 fair, and Seattle's Space Needle opened to visitors at the 1962 fair. "Expos, also known in the United States as World's Fairs, are significant opportunities to showcase American freedom, ideals, enterprise, culture, and global leadership," the US State Department said in its statement.

The Expo also gives the American private sector a "golden opportunity" to pursue business partnerships and new markets with visitors from around the world, the statement added. (AP) IND IND

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