5 Common Issues with PayPal Explained

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5 Common Issues with PayPal Explained
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PayPal is a leading e-wallet platform that allows payment over the internet. The platform allows you to deposit and withdraw funds effortlessly. It currently has over 360 million users worldwide, with a website that experiences 70 million year-on-year growth.

Over time, users of PayPal in Ireland and beyond have complained about inevitable hiccups. PayPal casinos are not excluded from facing these challenges. Most of the time, new gamers especially face payment challenges, and many are still yet to learn how to deposit with PayPal in a casino. Compiled below are five common issues on PayPal and how to resolve them;

Card rejection issue

The card rejection issue is a common occurrence in PayPal deposits. Different factors can be responsible for such errors. Paypal limit on non-member credit cards can trigger this message. Likewise, when an email address or credit card raises a flag for a transaction, it might result in this issue.

To resolve this issue, you might need to be sure the credit card has not been used with a previously closed account. You also must ensure you have not exceeded non-member limits. After these, try changing either the credit card or email address to discover the flagged point.

The encrypted website payment issue

You can witness difficulties depositing with an error message such as "you cannot pay through an unencrypted button". You may find it difficult to understand this error message due to its technicality. Interestingly, the issue is a minor issue that you can fix in no time.

PayPal is a platform with high-level security. Some websites, especially PayPal casinos, require you to enable the Encrypted Website Payment feature. To enable this feature, toggle over to website payment preference in the profile section. Then enable the website's encryption feature and click save.

Unable to complete payment

This is an error message that occurs when you are unable to finish your transaction. It resulted in an aborted payment and then request that you return to the participating website. To resolve these issues, you will need to check and reset your account preference. The resetting process requires you to follow a sequence of operations.

Click on the profile button and select more options. Navigate to the selling tools, click, and then select the block payment tab. Move over to the payment receiving settings, then uncheck the 'Initiate payments' option from the Pay Anyone subtab of the Send Money tab. Click save and try initiating the payment all over.

Inability to use currency converter

This error is a standard error on PayPal that has persisted for a very long time. The issue is a technical issue from the server's end. It is usually temporal as it resets itself after a while. However, it is still possible to manoeuvre it if you urgently need to carry out a conversion.

Fixing this problem requires you to use a simple trick after selecting your currency pair and have inserted the value you want to convert. Instead of clicking convert, click on continue. This process will trigger a payment transaction that will automatically convert your dollar to the desired currency exchange.

Failure to process payment

It is possible to witness an error message stating the inability to process payment. This error might be a result of failure to create a PayPal account. Guests using PayPal for deposit only have 15 trials, after which they are requested to create an account. As such, if you receive this message, you may need to create an account.

Perhaps you have been witnessing glitches while making use of a PayPal casino. Common PayPal issue revolves around the highlighted problem above. If the problem persists after applying the prescribed solution, you should contact the PayPal support team.

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