Vaidyaraj Anil says, 'World is toxic for Reproduction. Gut Health is the Antidote to ADHD, ASD and issues Post-Natal’

Vaidyaraj Anil of, says, How many of us have heard of Seminal Microbiome in Men, and Uterus Vaginal Microbiomes in Women , These have extreme importance in Reproduction, are dependent for their Symbiotic Health, on the respective Gut Microbiomes within both. Conception till child-birth, these changing microbiomes influence the fetus, and it is called the Epigenetic Imprinting, which is directly influenced by the Gut Microbiome.

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Vaidyaraj Anil says, 'World is toxic for Reproduction. Gut Health is the Antidote to ADHD, ASD and issues Post-Natal’
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India, 24th January 2022: Vaidyaraj Anil's FSSAI licensed Nutraceutical Gba Drops, worlds Only ZeroCFU( No Bacteria ) 'Belly-Button' Probiotic, made with the Banyan Tree Extract - are an Effective & Safe Proposition for a successful pregnancy & a healthy new-born, in this chemically toxic world environment. Vaidyaraj Anil of, says, “How many of us have heard of Seminal Microbiome in Men, and Uterus & Vaginal Microbiomes in Women ?!', 'These have extreme importance in Reproduction, & are dependent for their Symbiotic Health, on the respective Gut Microbiomes within both.” Conception till child-birth, these changing microbiomes influence the fetus, and it is called the 'Epigenetic Imprinting', which is directly influenced by the Gut Microbiome. The post-Covid world is full of 'Emergency Use Only' Vaccines and Anti-Viral pills. The lifestyle drugs for HBP, Diabetes, Thyroid and Cholesterol are all well established globally. The 'new kids on the block', the neuvo-pharma 'Biosimilars', ending with the suffix -vir, -pir -nib & -mab, with yet unknown side effects, are catching up faster post-covid. Psychiatric drugs have all-time blockbusters, for years already. Agriculture, Meat & Food Processing industries are increasingly turning GMO, and or else, are packed with preservatives and raised on antibiotics, pesticides & chemical fertilizers. The cosmetics industry is not far behind, to add its bit. Anything you put on your skin, goes into your blood, is its best-kept secret, to say the least. Headaches & Migraines are being suppressed with painkillers or worse. If only someone studies the 'Headache Gut Axis', it may help save innumerable lives. Contraceptive Pills are advised to young girls, for acne. Also, Hormonal Therapies for anything 'female'. The gym & fitness industry offers 'Plant-based' supplements to young men. The terminology that is being used to sell, could very well be a 'misnomer', to say the least. World over, hair transplant procedures entail the use of certain chemical drugs, forever. All this is made to look innocuous & cosmetic. No one attempts to know the adverse effects these have on the gut, & through it, to the 'seminal microbiome'. Women's health, & the health of our future generations are correlated. The microbiomes of the uterus, vagina & gut in women, need to be protected against chemical-induced imbalances or dysbiosis. These microbial strengths that make a woman, have become her vulnerabilities against the onslaught of chemicals. Estrogen is a kind of hormone that has an important role in the health of women. It affects the sexual and reproductive development in girls and women. Merely reading the synopsis of research papers on 'Estrogen Gut Axis' & the 'Pregnancy Gut Axis', reveals the truth behind the adverse health situations we presently face. Research on 'Testosterone Gut Axis' & the 'Androgen Gut Axis' shall have similar revelations for men.

What is Gut-Microbiome? Our body is run by Microbes, trillions of them. Most of these Reside in our Gut, hence it is called the 'Gut Microbiome'. The 'Junior Chef' in Human Microbiome From within our mouth, down in the food pipe, within the acidic stomach, and then slowly moving forward in the twenty-two feet long small intestine, the microbes, we call them the 'Junior Chefs', act upon our meals to ready-up the pre-cooked food for its final destination - our Gut Microbiome. The 'Master Chef' in the Gut Microbiome The resident microbes of the five feet long Gut or the Colon or the large intestine are actually the real deal, and we call them the 'Master Chefs'. These are the wise guys we need to conserve and keep 'happy', all the time. Their wisdom is handed down to them from millions of years, as every human ever, has had a mother with a gut, and she, in turn, had a mother with a gut, and so forth. This know-how or the rich wisdom is represented by 20 to 40 million genes in the richly diversified Genetic code of the gut microbiome. This actually dwarfs the 'Human Genome', which has a mere 20 to 30 thousand genes. Technically, it would not be an exaggeration to say that what we feel as humans, is largely dictated by the bugs in Our Gut Microbiome. The 'Buffet of Meals' to feed us all These Gut microbes we call the Master Chefs, create a 'Buffet of Meals' to feed every organ of the human body. The 'meals' get tagged with a 'Destination address', using a Genetic code, and are loaded onto the blood, that circulates and feeds them all. The toxicity and waste are thrown out via stools and urine. Without these trillions of 'Wise Guys', Our Body would cease to exist. There is a 'Real' risk that the Pharma induced 'Chemically' compromised Human & Gut Microbiome, which when passed on to the Next Generation, shall either be incomplete, insufficient or incapable to help them face or fight the health & medical challenges of the future. Unsuccessful conceiving & pregnancies, weak immuno-compromised newborns with ailments, or vulnerability to them, all have a reason in the imbalanced and dysbiotic microbiomes they get from the parents. People already on the 'lifestyle' drugs could fair even worse. The Microbiomes simply do not get an opportunity to 'recoup' themselves. The withdrawal symptoms associated with these drugs, do not allow 'off time', even during the pregnancy period.

Solution - a Healthy and a Balanced Gut : The solution lies in an effective attempt to initiate the microbiome towards a symbiotic state, for both men & women, at least a couple of months before planned procreation, and or at least during the pregnancy period. The same is advised for at least a few months after childbirth, since the microbiome delivered through the mothers' milk, also shapes the present & future health of the child. This brings us to the question of choosing the right Probiotic, and the safest mode of administering it, especially during pregnancy. Live Bug Probiotics - No Good? Live Bug Probiotics, a No-No. Most of the Probiotics available have Live Bacteria(s). There is Absolutely No Way to Correctly Select the Right Bacteria(s) to take. Even if it is determined, the Super-Imposition of billions of 'Selected' bacteria(s) onto the Gut Microbiome, is going to skew its 'imbalance' further and lead an Already Dysbiotic Gut to a newer 'Imbalanced Stage', with Unknown Adverse Repercussions. Gba Drops - the Answer Vaidyaraj Anil's Gba drops are made out of the Banyan tree extract, 100% herbal, with No Bacteria and can be effectively and safely administered through the Belly-button, also called the 'Nabhi' in Sanskrit. The mother tincture it is made from is certified to neutralize the toughest of superbugs. The corresponding bioefficacy test certificates are posted at the website This fundamental discovery makes it possible for the Gba drops to naturally select & deselect the bugs, without any super-imposition of external bacteria, or a human play. Its effectiveness in balancing the gut microbiome is proven by evidence, in improved 'Poop Type' as per the Bristol Stool Charts. The Gut-Brain-Axis concept explained in & the Gut-Skin-Axis Concept in relate to the many benefits of an improved gut. Balancing Gut via Nabhi Yogic Hindu Saints have all meditated on the 'Nabhi Chakra' to gain enlightenment. The importance of nabhi chakra is detailed in 'MarmAyurved' thousands of years back by the Hindu Gods. It is the basis of present-day Acupressure & Acupuncture. The wisdom of a million years represented by the rich & diverse genetic code of the gut microbiome is closest and just behind our Nabhi. Our elders knew the 'Connect'. With 3 to 4 Gba Drops resting within the Nabhi for 15 minutes or more, once or twice a day, and a minute of massage thereafter shall help you harness the health potential of your 'Gut'.

As a piece of essential Ayurvedic advice, a teaspoonful of fresh 'Malai' or Cream made the Indian way, and half a teaspoonful of beehive pure Honey, mixed well and taken anytime each day, while doing this nabhi regimen, shall translate its goodness to the reproductive health of both men & women. Instead of Nabhi, 3 drops of Gba in a glass of water orally, once a day, shall do it too. Vaidyaraj Anil, says,“The times are getting Tougher by the day. Our 'Ancestral Genetic Code' within our Gut, has Saved us as Humans, for millions of years. We are Duty-bound to Save it all, for our future generations. We Owe this much to Our Children.” For more details, visit - PWR PWR

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