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How different industries would be affected in case of hard Brexit

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Updated: 24-09-2018 21:55 IST
How different industries would be affected in case of hard Brexit

Britain published the third batch of advice to companies and individuals on how to prepare for any disruption that might follow a disorderly Brexit where there is no deal with the European Union.

Below are the highlights:


- British and European Union airlines will automatically lose the right to fly to each other's territories if Britain leaves the bloc without a divorce deal.

- Britain would stick to EU aviation safety technical rules and standards; functions currently performed by the European Aviation Safety Agency would instead be performed by Britain's aviation regulator, the Civil Aviation Agency.


- British haulers risk being no longer able to rely on automatic recognition by the EU of UK-issued community licenses and might no longer be able to access EU markets. It was not clear when any bilateral agreements might come into force. There were likely to be new requirements at EU borders.


- Mineral water producers might find their exports are no longer recognized as mineral water in the EU. Use of the term "EU" in origin labeling would no longer be correct for food or ingredients from Britain.


- Pets would be able to travel to EU countries but owners might face additional requirements than at the moment.

COUNTRY : United Kingdom