Prime-Coin Review – Diverse Product Offerings and Low Fees

Prime-Coin has been in the market for a relatively shorter period. However, it is already attracting a significant number of active daily traders.

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Prime-Coin Review – Diverse Product Offerings and Low Fees
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Prime-Coin is a great trading platform for casual investors and active brokers seeking diverse investments and lower fees.

Why We Choose Prime-Coin

Prime-Coin has been in the market for a relatively shorter period. However, it is already attracting a significant number of active daily traders. Here are some main reasons why we choose Prime-Coin.

A wide range of investment products

Perhaps, the main reason why traders are increasingly using the platform is because of its diverse product offerings. Their portfolio comprises a vast selection of asset classes and other investments for casual investors and active traders. The product offerings range from stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex, and CFDs to several others. That gives traders greater freedom in choosing the most suitable investments that align with their goals and needs.

Lower fees

Prime-Coin applies a zero-commissions policy for trading stocks, ETFs, and options on all its platforms. Besides, they also boast relatively lower marginal rates than the industry average. Lower fees and commissions enable traders to cut costs, maximizing their profit potential.

Enhanced research tools and educational materials

Traders and investors using the Prime-Coin trading platforms also have access to sophisticated research tools and educational resources. For example, traders can easily use the broker's ETF and stock screeners to find their subsequent investments. Besides, plenty of educational materials enable beginners to navigate the platforms and perform various trading activities efficiently.

Who Prime-Coin Is Best for

Prime-Coin primarily targets active and casual traders who need diverse investment options and lower trading fees. However, the broader selection of investment products, enhanced research tools, and educational resources on the platform make it an excellent choice for beginner traders and investors. This broker's services and trade practices are best for all types of traders and investors.

Prime-Coin Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons that give you an overview of what to expect when trading with Prime-Coin.


  • A more comprehensive selection of product offerings
  • Lower fees and commissions
  • Advanced research tools
  • Extensive educational materials


  • Beginners might find the advanced research tools intimidating
  • Mobile app under development

Are There Trading Risks with Prime-Coin?

The online trading of new asset classes such as crypto is usually subject to various risks, including volatility and cyber threats. Brokers can do little about cryptocurrencies' high volatility, but some measures protect investors and traders from cyber risks. For instance, Prime-Coin has implemented 2FA and biometric authentication for its user accounts. However, traders and investors should also observe high-security standards and consider extra measures to protect their assets from hackers and other common risks. Nevertheless, nothing suggests any trading risks with Prime-Coin.

What Do They Offer?

Prime-Coin has robust product offerings catering to short-term traders and long-term investors. They emphasize an all-inclusive portfolio to give traders and investors exclusive access to diverse investment options. Here is a list of their product offerings.

  • Stocks
  • Forex
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • ETFs
  • Options
  • CFDs

Prime-Coin updates its product offerings to cater to more asset classes and investments. Besides, the broker allows traders to place multiple order types. That makes the platform ideal for investors and traders seeking exposure to new products and markets.

About Fees and Commissions

Prime-Coin is one of the few brokers with a no-commissions policy for stock, ETF, and options trading. Besides, it does not impose minimum account fees, inactivity fees, and account transfer fees. Trading crypto, forex, and CFDs on the platforms attract different commissions and marginal rates. Although the charges and rates are lower than the industry average, you should check the schedules since changes may occur suddenly.

Trading Platforms

Prime-Coin has three trading platforms through which clients can access all their services. The desktop program, web platform, and mobile app have a relatively simple interface design. However, they incorporate unique and advanced trading features and research tools. The main highlights include:

  • ETF and stock screeners.
  • Real-time quotes.
  • Multi-order placement.
  • A live news stream.

However, the desktop and web platforms are the most robust regarding research tools and features.

The Bottom Line

Prime-Coin is an excellent trading platform for traders and investors who need diverse product offerings, lower fees, and advanced trading and research tools. It also provides extensive educational resources for beginner traders. However, you may want to also talk to a professional before making financial decisions. Also, speak to this broker or visit their website for more information.

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