PwC's Sanjeev Krishan Urges Modi 3.0 to Focus on Small Businesses & Job Creation

PwC India Chairperson Sanjeev Krishan advises the Modi 3.0 government to adopt a granular approach for supporting small businesses and promoting job creation. He highlights the importance of productivity improvement, regulatory support, and the development of ancillary industries to ensure inclusive economic growth.

PTI | New Delhi | Updated: 12-06-2024 14:45 IST | Created: 12-06-2024 14:45 IST
PwC's Sanjeev Krishan Urges Modi 3.0 to Focus on Small Businesses & Job Creation
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In a significant advisory to the Modi 3.0 government, PwC India Chairperson Sanjeev Krishan emphasized the necessity of supporting small businesses and creating jobs through a granular, tailored approach to foster inclusive economic growth.

Krishan underscored the importance of ancillary industries, urban and rural development initiatives, and productivity enhancements.

Speaking to PTI, Krishan noted ease of doing business improvements and better infrastructure have reduced obstacles in the past decade. He stressed regulatory support and incentivization, such as production-linked incentive schemes, as crucial for driving innovation.

Krishan proposed promoting plug-and-play research hubs, managed by either government or private entities, to lower entry barriers and boost startups.

He advocated for the development of ancillary industries in sunrise sectors like renewables, electric mobility, semiconductors, and AI, coupled with initiatives to improve credit access and dedicated corridors, which would support employment, supply chains, and position India as a manufacturing hub.

Emphasizing the linkage between urban and rural development, agricultural infrastructure, and food security, Krishan highlighted the need for strengthened partnerships with academia for job and value creation.

Looking ahead, Krishan expressed optimism in India's growth, fueled by policy stability, economic reforms, high infrastructure investment, improving rural consumption, and urbanization.

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