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Niti official wants pvt sector to use data to create new pdts

PTI mumbai
Updated: 13-03-2019 21:41 IST
Niti official wants pvt sector to use data to create new pdts

The government expects data to propel the country to a USD 10-trillion economy and is willing to share it with the private sector to help them create new products and solutions, a Niti Aayog official said Wednesday. "The government at the highest level is fully cognizant that data is the new oil and the new resource. There is absolutely no way that data would be sort of hegemonised by government. We want to push our data to the private sector so that they generate products out of data," Yaduvendra Mathur additional secretary at Niti Aayog said at the Ficci Frames.

He said under the aspirational district programme, in 120 districts, government is encouraging the use of blockchain, IoT, AI to drive healthcare and education to the masses. Under this, the government has already opened many hospitals for digital X rays that use algorithms to detect TB. "The whole transformation in the social sector would come from careful data usage and building new products while completely respecting privacy," he said.

But he also underlined the need for data protection by the industry. "If you misuse the data, try encroach on privacy, or try to play around with national security, national sovereignty, then there is a problem. Because we are not a soft state any longer. We are a strong state," he warned..