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Right types and sources of funding are biggest challenge for systemic entrepreneurship in India, Study

GAME launches India’s first unique resource decoding the Mass Entrepreneurship development landscape.

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Updated: 17-04-2019 18:18 IST
Right types and sources of funding are biggest challenge for systemic entrepreneurship in India, Study

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Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship (GAME) launched its flagship landscape resource today, titled "GAME Landscape Resource: Study of Entrepreneurship Development in India" – a comprehensive open-source resource on Mass Entrepreneurship development in India.

Presently, there is no consolidated information available on the Mass Entrepreneurship development space, and this is a first-of-its-kind study, initiated by GAME, to survey the existing landscape and make it publicly available to all stakeholders of the ecosystem to enable conversations, collaborations and catalyse further development.

Highlighting the importance of such a resource in India, Anjuly Chib Duggal, Former Secretary, Department of Financial Services, Ministry of Finance and Advisory Board Member, GAME said, "India has several public and private bodies that are doing meaningful work to develop entrepreneurship. To maximise the impact of their efforts, as also to optimally utilise community resources, the government and these bodies must align their efforts in a concerted manner to build a cohesive, sustainable and effective ecosystem.

The study covers key aspects of the Mass Entrepreneurship development landscape such as; overview of organizations (target focus, strategic focus, program areas, compliances, project geographical distribution, etc.), catalogue of programs by core organisations, challenges, strengths and needs faced by organizations, challenges faced by aspiring and existing entrepreneurs including women, key ecosystem support requirements, program success and sustainability parameters, insights by organization leaders and ecosystem experts, key takeaways and way forward to support future endeavors.

Launching this resource, Mekin Maheshwari, Co-Founder, GAME, said, "The GAME Landscape Resource aims to build awareness and provide timely intervention through suggestive measures. Among several significant insights, the resource highlights key takeaways such as the need for a common platform to enable collaboration among stakeholders, harness the Government's involvement for success at scale and most importantly – the need to nurture an entrepreneurial mindset at an early stage among our youth. GAME aims to facilitate sustainable job-creation at a mass level - which is the mission of GAME - helping create 10M entrepreneurs, 50% women, who create 50 million jobs by 2030.