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WEC 2019: Four days of true knowledge sharing and joyful learning in Abu Dhabi

Content is driven by cold facts and case studies, and coloured by provocative opinion from experts from every side of the debate to ensure an inspiring, informative and unique content experience. With no agenda, political affiliation, sectoral bias or preconceptions, the programme will deliver the information and interpretation that allows better decisions to be made. The programme looks at the energy market in the realistic context of economic uncertainty, political instability, material possibility and opportunity.

The 24th World Energy Congress Preview Abu Dhabi
Updated: 17-08-2019 20:00 IST
WEC 2019: Four days of true knowledge sharing and joyful learning in Abu Dhabi

Image Credit: The 24th World Energy Congress Preview

The 24th World Energy Congress 2019 being organised in Abu Dhabi from 9th to 12th September would witness an unparallel intellectual discourse on various aspects of energy.

The Congress programme has been developed to provide an environment to provoke the world's energy leaders to re-evaluate their strategic planning. Although we expect to welcome 4,000 delegates, the programme is designed with an audience in mind that consists of just four people – an energy minister, a producer CEO, a user CEO and a bellwether financier. The programme only consists of content that motivates and deserves the interest of these representatives of the industry's top leadership. If you are a leader in the energy market or want to share the information that influences these leaders' decision making, you will attend the Congress programme.

Under the theme of "Energy for Prosperity", the main four-day Congress programme has over 70 sessions that address the critical issues across all sectors and regions in the energy market. It focuses on prosperity for nations, for corporations, for societies, the environment and individuals. The reality is that tomorrow's energy goals cannot be realized with the tools, technologies and trading environment that is in place today. These goals will require radical thinking that provides a secure, environmentally-sympathetic and prosperous transition. The programme focuses on how the entire global energy ecosystem may work together to ensure a regulatory, investment, technological and skills environment that delivers real change. Running under the aegis of the main Congress programme is a series of side events, co-produced with hand-picked partners from thought, investment, innovation and business leadership. These side events allow delegates to dive deeper into topics of interest, and enter into detailed debate with top experts, market influencers and visionaries.

The programme has been curated to deliver an experience that requires the attendance of industry's leadership. Do not expect to agree with everything you hear, but do expect to have to evaluate whether your existing values and beliefs are correct.

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DISCLAIMER: Except for the headline and minor editing, this write-up has been published from 'The 24th World Energy Congress Preview'. Devdiscourse is Media Partner of World Road Congress 2019 being organized in Abu Dhabi on 9-12 September 2019.