Tokyo Revengers Chapter 278 may end on a happy note with Takemichi & Hinata’s wedding

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 278 may end on a happy note with Takemichi & Hinata’s wedding
A color double page of the magazine featuring wedding ceremony of Takemichi and Hinata. Image Credit: Kodansha
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Popular manga Tokyo Revengers is approaching its final chapter. New spoilers claim that mangaka Ken Wakui will end the chapter with a happy note. The final chapter, aka, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 278 will be out on Wednesday.

Tokyo Revengers chapter 277 ends in such a way that it is only set for Tokyo Revengers Chapter 278. According to the manga’s main summary, Takemichi is trying to save his ex-girlfriend Hinata Tachibana from Tokyo Manji Gang and Kanto Manji Gang.

In the latest chapter, Mikey makes a major exposé after Takemichi’s death. He cries a lot and wishes Takemichi gets back his life. The story jumps back to the past where Mikey meets Takemichi.

When Takemichi confronts Mikey, Mikey reveals that he died in the original timeline and Shinichiro had traveled back in time to save him by stealing the ability from a homeless man who he murdered. A curse manifested in the form of violent behavior, leading to Shinichiro's death and Takemichi inheriting his ability. In the present, Takemichi allows Mikey to succumb to his violent nature to fight him. Mikey mortally wounds Takemichi, but upon holding his hand, both of them return to 1998 with their memories intact. Eventually, both Mikey and Takemichi works together to avert the previous timelines' tragedies and unite all gangs across Japan for eleven years, and thus successfully creates a peaceful timeline.

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Tokyo Revengers chapter 277 ended with a time skip and a glimpse of a church. It indicates a wedding ceremony could be held at the present.  Tokyo Revengers Chapter 278 is the #51 issue of the Weekly Shonen Magazine. The cover page and a color double page of the magazine will cover the images of manga Tokyo Revengers. It might show Mikey and Takemichi before Wedding.

In Tokyo Revengers Chapter 278, Mikey will encourage Takemichi for his wedding with Hinata, as he is getting nervous. The chapter will deliver all the cast what they are doing in their life at present.

The Tokyo Revengers Chapter 278 spoilers don’t reveal much about Draken; however, he is seen with Emma who is talking with Izana. Izana runs the company of Kakucho who dies in the fight to save Takemichi. Wakasa and Benkei run a Martial Arts dojo, while Seishu helps Shinichiro at his bike shop. Terano South is seen present in the ceremony alongside the Haitani brothers, Madarame, Muto, and Mochizuki.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 278 will drop on Tuesday, November 15.

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