Aggretsuko Season 5 arriving in February 2023! Netflix teases mysterious new character

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Aggretsuko Season 5 arriving in February 2023! Netflix teases mysterious new character
Aggretsuko Season 5 will release on February 2023. Image Credit: Aggretsuko Season 5 / Twitter
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The popular anime series Aggretsuko Season 5 is official! Netflix unveiled a sneak peek to give fans a glimpse at its fifth and final season. The official Aggretsuko Twitter shared four pictures to give fans hints of what is to come for the show's final outing.

According to the pictures, following the fourth season’s cliffhangers, fans will see the return of Retsuko, Haida. Fans will also see Manaka in the story. The characters will be joined by new additions including an older Hyena character with Retsuko. Another new character in the final image features a mysterious person at a vending machine.

One of the fans replied to the tweet that “Last one, at the vending machine. I sense they're going to play a major role.”

The chinchilla lead singer of the OTM Girl, Manaka could also play a big role in the fifth and final season. Here's what happened in Aggretsuko Season 4.

With the help of Hyodo, Fenneko, Kabae, Ton, and Ton's wife, Retsuko breaks into Haida's office to steal the accounting data from a USB drive that he keeps in a safe. After Haida realizes his relationship with Retsuko has worsened, he confronts Tadano about his relationship with Retsuko, but Tadano calmly shows him there is no more than friendship.

Later that night, Ton brings Haida to Retsuko's karaoke booth, where she attempts to convince him to stop manipulating the accounting data. Haida snaps him out of his feelings of inferiority and tells him that no one deserves to do something too dirty to prove his capability. The next day, Haida suggests Himuro that they should stop, as several employees are aware of their actions, but when Himuro dismisses him affirming he is disposable, he finally stands up for himself and confronts him through an arm-wrestling match affirming that, while disposable, this time he is his enemy.

Retsuko helps Haida defeat Himuro with a death metal growl that manifests as a laser beam, causing both to be shot through a window and land on scaffolding. Himuro and Haida quit the company, while the original president, Ton, and Kabae return. However, Haida is more confident about himself, and, when he joins Retsuko for a date, he finally can see Tadano in admiration.

Fans expecting finally, Aggretsuko Season 5 would make the appearance of Haida's family and relatives. Following the storyline of the fourth season, Retsuko is likely to be back in the office with his monotonous work and the red panda will be abandoning her life by taking a secret role as a member of the Japanese idol group. He will try to be happy with his normal life. Fans want to see a beautiful relationship between Haida and Retsuko which is yet to reach a definitive conclusion.

Aggretsuko Season 5 will be the final outing of the anime that is set to release on February 2023. Stay tuned to Devdiscourse to get the latest updates on the Japanese novel series, manga and anime series.

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