Black Clover Chapter 348: Asta to face Sister Lily & receive an apology from Ichika

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Black Clover Chapter 348: Asta to face Sister Lily & receive an apology from Ichika
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Black Clover is covering the final arc of the manga. Chapter 348 continues with an exciting battle of the Ryuzen Seven against Sister Lily's forces. The chapter uncovers a big part of the story. Ichika is recovering from her fearful memories in life, and Black Clover Chapter 348 focuses on how she does that. Ichika apologizes to Asta for her words regarding YamiSukehiro. 

Spoilers alert! This article contains Black Clover Chapter 348 spoilers

Black Clover Chapter 348 will officially release on January 20, 2023. You can read the manga chapters online for free from Shonen Jump, Viz Media, and Manga Plus apps and websites.

Currently, the verified spoilers for Black Clover Chapter 348 are yet to be out but some leaks or predictions are circulating online after the release of Chapter 347. Read below to get the Black Clover Chapter 348 predictions.

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The anticipated moments will be seen in the new chapter when Asta is ultimately joining the Ryuzen Seven members in the battlefield. Before that, the chapter might show the flashback moments where Asta is getting selected by MushogatakeYosuga and TenmanyashikiFujio, the two Ryuzen Seven members who trained him. Black Clover Chapter 348 will see the long-awaited war between Asta and Sister Lily.

In Black Clover Chapter 348, fans will also see Fujio using his biwa-based Reinforcement Magic to heal the Ryuzen Seven members and resend them to the battlefield. While the group shifts their focus to the dragon, Asta will take his entry with Fujio and Yosuga and face Sister Lily. The trainers will be seen fighting with Yrul and Heath Grice.

Besides, Ichika will feel sorry and apologize to Asta for the words she told about YamiSukehiro in Black Clover Chapter 348. As per his character, the hero of the story will make up everything and focus on the battle.

The raw scans for the chapter will release two days before the official issue comes. But we would advise all fans to read the manga after its release on official platforms.

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