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'Krishna Chali London' features actor Karan Vohra as serious doctor

Devdiscourse News Desk Mumbai
Updated: 19-12-2018 17:06 IST

Actor Karan Vohra will play Veer, who is a young and no-nonsense doctor, in the show "Krishna Chali London". Apart from being a doctor, Veer is also Krishna's professor in the show. He will be a hurdle in Krishna's journey of becoming a doctor.

"Dr. Veer is a young, no-nonsense doctor who is the head of the Cardiology Department at London Medical College. He has adopted British culture leaving behind his Indian roots completely. This is the first time playing a doctor on screen," Karan said in a statement.

"What attracted me the most about the character is his different shades and his ideologies in life. Being a newbie in the television industry, I believe in experimenting with characters," he added.

His first episode will air on Thursday on StarPlus.

(With inputs from agencies.)