Eiffel Tower Shines Bright for Paris Olympics Countdown

The Eiffel Tower has been revamped for the upcoming Paris Olympics, featuring prominently in the event's preparations. Olympic rings were mounted on the tower, which will host key events like beach volleyball. The landmark's visitor numbers have surged as it gears up to welcome thousands of athletes and fans.

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Eiffel Tower Shines Bright for Paris Olympics Countdown
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The Eiffel Tower is receiving a fresh makeover in anticipation of the Paris Olympics.

This iconic Parisian landmark saw the Olympic rings mounted on its south side on Friday, marking 50 days until the global sports event begins.

These rings, each 9 meters in diameter and crafted from recycled French steel, have been placed 30 feet high, creating a striking visual over the Seine River.

On July 26, thousands of athletes will parade through Paris on boats along a 6-kilometer route during the opening ceremony, setting the stage for the much-anticipated quadrennial sports festival.

Paris is not short of iconic venues for these Games, and the Eiffel Tower itself, nicknamed La Dame de Fer, will be a focal point.

From July 26 to Aug. 11, the tower will host men's and women's beach volleyball matches at the temporary Eiffel Tower Stadium, accommodating around 13,000 fans.

The excitement continues as every night, 100,000 LED bulbs will light up the Olympic rings through the Paralympics, which start on Aug. 28.

The Paris 2024 Games promise to be historic, with Paralympics featuring 4,400 athletes from 180 countries competing in 549 events across 22 sports, many taking place near landmarks including the Eiffel Tower, Versailles, and the Grand Palais.

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