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Money Market Operations as on September 07, 2018

Money Market Operations as on  September 07, 2018
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Money Market Operations as on September 07, 2018 (Amount in ? billion, Rate in percent) MONEY MARKETS @ Volume Wtd.Avg.Rate Range (One Leg) A. Overnight Segment (I+II+III+IV) 2,117.47 6.30 4.80-6.60 I. Call Money 194.25 6.35 5.00-6.50 II. CBLO 1,392.39 6.33 6.10-6.55 III. Market Repo 530.83 6.22 4.80-6.60 IV. Repo in Corporate Bond 0.00 B. Term Segment I. Notice Money** 0.41 6.07 5.45-6.35 II. Term Money@@ 5.06 - 6.40-8.25 III. CBLO 0.00 - - IV. Market Repo 0.00 - - V. Repo in Corporate Bond 0.89 7.90 7.90-7.90 RBI OPERATIONS@ Auction Date Tenor (Days) Maturity Date Amount Outstanding Current Rate /Cut off Rate C. Liquidity Adjustment Facility (i) Repo (Fixed Rate) 07/09/2018 3 10/09/2018 39.56 6.50 (ii) Repo (Variable rate) 28/08/2018 14 11/09/2018 117.75 6.51 31/08/2018 14 14/09/2018 155.50 6.51 03/09/2018 15 18/09/2018 40.92 6.51 07/09/2018 14 21/09/2018 51.24 6.51 (iii) Reverse Repo (Fixed rate) 07/09/2018 3 10/09/2018 132.00 6.25 (iv) Reverse Repo (Variable rate) 03/09/2018 11 14/09/2018 40.75 6.49 04/09/2018 7 11/09/2018 151.45 6.49 05/09/2018 7 12/09/2018 177.23 6.49 06/09/2018 6 12/09/2018 133.09 6.49 07/09/2018 7 14/09/2018 107.85 6.49 D. Marginal Standing Facility 07/09/2018 3 10/09/2018 1.20 6.75 E. Standing Liquidity Facility Availed from RBI $13.85 RESERVE POSITION @ F. Cash Reserves Position of Scheduled Commercial Banks (i) Cash balances with RBI as on #31/08/2018 4,754.61 (ii) Average daily cash reserve requirement for the fortnight ending 31/08/2018 4,777.36 G. Government of India Surplus Cash Balance Reckoned for Auction as on 07/09/2018 0.00 @ Based on RBI / CCIL/ FIMMDA Data - Not Applicable / No Transaction ** Relates to uncollateralized transactions of 2 to 14 days tenor. @@ Relates to uncollateralized transactions of 15 days to one year tenor # The figure for the cash balances with RBI on Sunday is same as that of the previous day (Saturday). $ Includes refinancing facilities extended by RBI As per the Press Release No. 2014-2015/1971 dated March 19, 2015.

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