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UPDATE 1-Iran's Revolutionary Guards call Trump "evil and adventurous"

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Updated: 25-09-2018 15:40 IST
UPDATE 1-Iran's Revolutionary Guards call Trump "evil and adventurous"

Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards called U.S. President Donald Trump "evil and adventurous" on Tuesday and accused him of waging economic war, as Washington's reimposed sanctions ramped up pressure on Tehran's economy

Trump pulled out of an international nuclear deal with Iran in May, and has since started reinstating economic penalties and pressing other countries to stop buying Iranian oil.

The Revolutionary Guards' rebuke came hours before Trump and Iran's moderate President Hassan Rouhani were both due to attend a U.N. General Assembly meeting in New York. Rouhani has come under increasing pressure from hardliners since Trump's actions.

"The evil and adventurous American president has focused on an economic war and cruel sanctions to deviate the Iranian nation from the revolutionary values and its national interests," the Revolutionary Guards said in a statement published on state media.

The Guards also said the Saturday's attack on a military parade that killed 25 people was a "miscalculation by the enemies as this crime has only made the Iranian nation more united."

The new U.S. sanctions, and the threat of more to come has hit the rial currency - it has lost about two-thirds of its value this year.

Iran curbed its nuclear activities in exchange for sanctions relief in the 2015 nuclear accord, which Trump said did not go far enough. The other countries that signed it - who think the pact offers the best chance of stopping Iran developing a nuclear bomb - agreed on Monday to keep working to maintain trade with Tehran.

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