Kashmiri Rose: What makes the flower so unique and ornamental

Rose, also referred to as the Queen as well as the King of flowers, holds a unique position for its properties and demand.

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Kashmiri Rose: What makes the flower so unique and ornamental
'Kashmiri Rose' the Queen and King of flowers. Image Credit: ANI
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Among the many medicinal and aromatic plants found in the Kashmir valley, the versatile rose, which is also referred to as the Queen as well as the King of flowers, holds a unique position. The word 'Rose' was coined by Sappho around 2,500 years ago. It is an excellent ornamental plant that is used for many purposes.

The only district in J&K from where the rose oil is extracted is the Pulwama district in the south of Kashmir valley. Oil as well as the extracts that are obtained from roses are grown here. From here, rose oil is extracted and exported to different countries. Rose cultivation in this district is done by both local farmers as well at the government level. The Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine farm is playing an important role in this area. Along with rose, lavender and other medicinal plants are also cultivated. This enterprise is also providing employment to many local people. Currently, more than 50 workers are earning their livelihood on the farm.

According to experts, 30 quintals of rose flowers yield one litre of oil and one litre of extract, after which they are sold in foreign markets. It is worth noting that oil is obtained from three types of rose flowers in Kashmir Valley, which include Kashmiri rose, Dhar rose, and Bulgir. According to experts, the climate of Kashmir Valley is suitable for the cultivation of these three types of roses. The oil obtained from these types of roses is used in the perfumery and pharmaceutical industries.

There is a great demand for this crop in the international market. Therefore, the government is engaged in focusing the attention of the local people for its cultivation. To achieve this goal, a scheme called 'Aroma Mission' has also been launched under which the local farmers are being provided with all necessary information and other support. Experts believe that if local farmers pay attention to this, they can earn a lot of profit from it. It is also interesting to note that rose water has been used in the Kashmir Valley for centuries. While rose water is sprinkled in mosques and monasteries of the valley during Friday prayers and Urs, its fragrance is also considered auspicious in weddings and other traditional gatherings. In this case, the cultivation of roses is also connected with the feeling of the local people. (ANI)

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