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US Vice Prez Mike Pence to meet PM Modi in Singapore on Wednesday

Devdiscourse News Desk wash Last Updated at 14-11-2018 00:38:13 IST United States
US Vice Prez Mike Pence to meet PM Modi in Singapore on Wednesday
  • Image Credit: Twitter

US Vice President Mike Pence will meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Singapore on Wednesday during which the two leaders are expected to discuss bilateral defence cooperation and a common vision for maintaining a free and open Indo-Pacific.

Pence will participate in a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Modi, the White House said releasing the schedule of the Vice President on the eve of the meeting.

The meeting is scheduled to take place at 12.30 pm local Singapore time.

Trump will be representing President Donald Trump at the ASEAN and East Asia Summit in Singapore.

"They will talking about the bilateral relationship and defence cooperation in the kind of larger context," a senior administration official told foreign reporters last week ahead of his trip.

"They'll also be talking about their common vision for maintaining what we refer to as a free and open Indo-Pacific," said the senior Administration official.

"Prime Minister Modi has talked about his Act East policy, and there is enormous convergence in these two approaches," the official noted.

"And so lots for them to discuss," said the senior administration official.

(With inputs from agencies.)

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