Heat Wave Hits Rajasthan: Five Deaths Reported

The Rajasthan government announced on Thursday that five people have died due to the ongoing heat wave in the state. Dr. Ravi Prakash Mathur, Director of Public Health, stated the situation is under control and media reports exaggerating the death toll are 'beyond facts.'

PTI | Jaipur | Updated: 30-05-2024 23:24 IST | Created: 30-05-2024 23:24 IST
Heat Wave Hits Rajasthan: Five Deaths Reported
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The Rajasthan government on Thursday said five people so far have died in the state due to the ongoing heat wave conditions and added that the media reports on rise in deaths due to heatstroke are ''beyond facts''.

Director (Public Health) Dr Ravi Prakash Mathur said the situation is completely under control in the state despite the intense heat as the medical and health department had already begun the required preparations from March.

''So far, five deaths have occurred due to heat wave in the state,'' Mathur said.

He added that the number of deaths due to heat wave being reported by media are ''beyond facts''.

''Death Audit Committee investigates suspicious deaths due to heat stroke as per the parameters set by the Government of India. According to these parameters, if any death is found to be due to heat stroke, it is certified and its report is sent to Integrate Health Information (IHIP) portal. Only the figures released on the IHIP portal are authentic,'' the officer said.

The officer said that according to medical experts, deaths also occur due to serious diseases and other reasons during extreme heat and as per the protocol, they are not considered to be caused by heat stroke.

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