Elephant Kills Mahout in Bhopal: Tragedy Strikes Again

An elephant killed its mahout, Narendra Kapadia, in Bhopal near Bhanpur bridge. Authorities revealed the elephant has a history of aggression, with previous incidents of attacks. The incident has raised concerns, and efforts are underway to transfer the pachyderm to the forest department.

PTI | Bhopal | Updated: 13-06-2024 18:18 IST | Created: 13-06-2024 18:18 IST
Elephant Kills Mahout in Bhopal: Tragedy Strikes Again
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A tragic incident unfolded in Bhopal as an elephant killed its mahout, Narendra Kapadia. The incident occurred near Bhanpur bridge around 11:30pm on Wednesday, according to local police officials.

Inspector Suresh Chandra Nagar confirmed that the elephant, now tied to a tree near Cholla Mandir police station, had previously attacked people. 'It poses a danger though it is behaving normally now,' he added. The mahout's friend Bhupendra is currently keeping a close watch on the animal.

Witnesses reported that the elephant became violent and trampled Kapadia to death. Despite efforts to save him, the mahout succumbed to his injuries. Authorities are coordinating with the forest department to take the elephant away, as concerns grow due to its history of aggression.

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