Houthi Missile Strike Sets Commercial Ship Ablaze in Gulf of Aden

The US reported that Iranian-backed Houthis launched missiles hitting the M/V Verbena in the Gulf of Aden, causing significant damage and injuries. The attack marks part of the Houthis' ongoing campaign linked to the Israel-Hamas conflict. The US Central Command intervened to provide medical assistance to the injured mariner.

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Houthi Missile Strike Sets Commercial Ship Ablaze in Gulf of Aden
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On Thursday, US officials revealed that Iranian-backed Houthi rebels launched two anti-ship cruise missiles, striking the commercial M/V Verbena in the Gulf of Aden off Yemen. The attack set the vessel ablaze and severely injured one civilian mariner.

US Central Command reported that the Ukrainian-owned, Polish-operated bulk cargo ship, flagged under Palau, was en route from Malaysia to Italy, carrying wood. The M/V Verbena remained on fire as rescue efforts continued. The injured mariner received medical evacuation via a US helicopter from the USS Philippine Sea to a nearby ship.

This incident is part of a series of attacks by the Houthis amidst the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. The Houthis, who have controlled Yemen's capital for nearly a decade, have increasingly targeted shipping lanes in the Red Sea corridor, claiming to support Palestinians and end the war. However, these assaults often hit unrelated vessels. The recent escalation has seen over 50 attacks, three sailor fatalities, and several ships seized or sunk. In a broader crackdown, the Houthis also detained three staff members of the National Democratic Institute this month, demanding immediate release.

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