Police Foil Gang Attack after Dramatic Mobile Snatch Attempt

Police thwarted an attack by a four-member gang attempting to snatch a mobile phone during a decoy operation in Chilkalguda. One constable fired a warning shot, after which the gang surrendered. The suspects are in custody, and authorities have arrested eight similar gangs over the past month.

PTI | Hyderabad | Updated: 22-06-2024 17:49 IST | Created: 22-06-2024 17:49 IST
Police Foil Gang Attack after Dramatic Mobile Snatch Attempt
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In a dramatic turn of events, police officers opened fire in the air to deter a four-member gang that attempted to attack them in Chilkalguda, sources confirmed on Saturday.

The incident occurred during the early hours of Saturday when the gang tried to snatch a mobile phone from an officer involved in a decoy operation.

According to a senior police official, the suspects arrived on two motorcycles and attempted to steal the phone. The situation escalated as the gang tried to assault the police personnel.

''In self-defense, one of our constables discharged a warning shot into the air, compelling the gang to immediately surrender. They are now in custody and are being questioned,'' stated the official.

The official further revealed that the police have been conducting these decoy operations for the past month, resulting in the arrest of eight cell phone snatching gangs to date.

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