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Youngsters celebrate Valentine's Day at old age home in Ahmedabad

Updated: 14-02-2019 11:57 IST
Youngsters celebrate Valentine's Day at old age home in Ahmedabad

By Ani

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, many youngsters celebrated the day with elderly people in Ahmedabad at an old age home by organising a cake cutting ceremony.

After the cake ceremony, youths danced with the elders to make the day memorable for them.

"Many people have forgotten that our parents should be our first love that is why I came here to celebrate. Our clothes may be western but our thoughts are Indian," S Ansari, a youngster present at the venue, told ANI.

While many in the country are celebrating Valentine’s Day, others expressed resentment.

For several years now, the Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad have been staging protests against the Valentine's Day celebrations.

The Bajrang Dal workers earlier had written an open letter to many pubs, restaurants and malls not to celebrate Valentine's Day.

“We demand all the restaurants and malls to not celebrate Valentine's Day. If they celebrate and if anything happens on the day, (then) we are not responsible for that”, Mukesh, Convener, Bajrang Dal, Hyderabad City, had earlier told ANI.

Last year, a few cases were registered against Bajrang Dal workers for vandalising places where celebrations were going on. (ANI)