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Students urges college administration to relax hostel rules

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Updated: 11-04-2019 22:16 IST
Students urges college administration to relax hostel rules

A group of former NIT Kurukshetra students have urged the college administration to relax hostel rules which according to them put "uncalled restrictions" on girls. The group, which has members from 21 batches of the premier institution, has written a letter to the management.

"The rules are uncalled restrictions which demonstrate the deeply rooted gender prejudice and hence our engagement with the institution we are grateful to and therefore would like to see progress, not regress," the letter read. "Our Constitution allows the girls of the age our college is seeking to 'confine' the power to choose their elected representatives and determine the fate of our country. The Constitution also allows the same girls to right to choose even their spouses. However, the college treats them as incompetent, and unsound to make their decisions," it stated.

The alumni group said such restrictive rules "deprive" girls of even the most basic right of the students, that is of accessing library and it is no surprise that it turns into a boys club the moment sunsets. The alumni group has cited in its letter an order passed by a Kerala High Court judge in February. The order said the moral paternalism is something to be frowned upon and a girl should have equal freedom as a boy.

"The judgement runs counter-narrative to many of the institute and hostel rules. Would you be kind to appreciate the wisdom of high court judge and seek to act accordingly and appropriately?" the letter read. In a bizarre directive, the institution had last month warned hostel inmates against gatecrashing weddings as it was bringing a bad name to the institution.

(With inputs from agencies.)