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Health, education ignored in country's 'oldest democracy', say voters in Bihar's Vaishali

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Updated: 02-05-2019 12:20 IST
Health, education ignored in country's 'oldest democracy', say voters in Bihar's Vaishali

Image Credit: ANI

Voters in the country's "oldest democracy" of Vaishali feel that political leaders have no interest in developing the infrastructure for health, education and industry in the constituency. The main battle is between RJD's Raghuvansh Prasad Singh and LJP candidate Bina Devi.

In the 2014 general election, LJP's Rama Kishore Singh had won the seat, defeating Raghuvansh Prasad Singh. There is a large number of Yadav and Rajput voters in this constituency.

The people of Vaishali are questioning the dedication of both the ruling party and the opposition towards solving the issues faced by the residents. Students of a government school in Vaishali's Basaitha village are aware that the elections are underway but they do not know what democracy means.

When asked if there has been any development in the area, Saraiya, a student of a government school here, says, "They have constructed roads and there is uninterrupted power supply." Ramashray Sharma, a retired teacher in Kamalpura village, says Vaishali, which turned sacred by the visits of Lord Buddha and Mahavira, is now not even a fraction of its past glory.

Academician Jiyan Rai says this time, many scholars are in fray from the Begusarai seat but Vaishali has been ignored. Manoj Paswan, a resident of Jaitpur, says no prominent political leader comes here even for campaigning.

The Licchavis had laid foundation of this ancient city on the banks of Ganga river which is now known as Vaishali. An official of the Archaeological Survey of India said excavations in Vaishali revealed that there were habitations in the area with civic amenities. The complex houses a stupa made of bricks and an Ashokan pillar.

Remnants of King Vishal's forts were also found at the site, he said.

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