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Car caught in sea waves, occupants escape harm

ANI palghar (maharashtra)
Updated: 10-06-2019 18:51 IST
Car caught in sea waves, occupants escape harm

A car got stuck in a fast-moving wave after the vehicle was driven too close to the seashore on a beach in Virar city of the district on Monday. Luckily, all those in the car escaped harm. Police said a group of people had come to the beach to play and drove their car too close to the seashore during high tide due to which the tyres of the car got stuck in the sand.

The problem further compounded when a fast-moving wave came towards the car. People sitting in the car moved out and ran as soon as they saw the wave coming towards them. The car kept floating with the waves for some time and was later fished out with the help of a tractor from a nearby village.

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