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Devdiscourse launches contest on Participatory Monitoring of SDGs

There are 200+prizes. The first three winners will be awarded Paytm cash prize of Rs 5,000, Rs 4,000 and Rs 3,000 each. This is the first ever GPS enabled the geospatial contest to promote the participation of various stakeholders in Participatory Monitoring of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set up by the United Nations. The next contest will be launched in the African country of Nigeria. 

Devdiscourse News Desk Sonepat
Updated: 14-06-2019 10:44 IST
Devdiscourse launches contest on Participatory Monitoring of SDGs

In its endeavour to promote Participatory Monitoring of various developmental interventions in line to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set up by the United Nations for the year 2030, Devdiscourse, the media platform of VisionRI, on Monday, June 10 launched first ever GPS enabled online contest in India. The contest will be online till July 10 during which the participants can provide their feedbacks either on the website or download the Mobile App of Devdiscourse from Play Store and submit responses.

The process is very simple in Mobile App as well as on the website. After downloading the Devdiscourse Mobile app you simply need to register and give required permissions. Thereafter click at 'The Research'. Here you will see nine sectors on your screen. These sectors have multiple choice questions. Don't worry! It's not an exam. Here you just need to share your experiences on development status in your locality and win prizes.

These questions simply asses your perception on various developmental policies, initiatives and works in your locality. Please choose the sectors in a sequence and give your feedback against multiple choice questions. After completing all the questions of a sector, choose 'more feedback' to go for the next sector. The website of the Devdiscourse will also lead to the same page and you can share your experiences through the same process. Besides, the facility to provide the translation of questions in your chosen language is also available. You don't need to fill the entire questionnaire in one go but can complete it at any time before the last date. We also provide the facility to fill multiple questionnaires from different GPS locations. There is also a facility to upload pictures, videos and audios in support of your views. For example, if you want to say roads in your locality are 'not good' you may click and upload the real picture or videos of the damaged roads in your locality or the locality about which you want to report.

"We are committed to assist the global community in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030 by providing with a robust geospatial platform for participatory monitoring of SDGs. The experiences in India will help us to launch a similar contest in Nigeria as a pilot and subsequently roll it out worldwide," said J.P. Singh, Managing Director of VisionRI, a leading global consulting firm. There are 200+ prizes to which the winners will be declared through e-lottery on July 13, 2019. The First Winner will be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 5,000, the Second Winner will get an award of Rs. 4,000 and the Third Winner will get Rs. 3,000 cash award. We are also offering an award of Rs. 1,000 each for the 'Best Picture' and the 'Best Video'. Besides, the 197 more participants would be given Rs 100 each. All the cash awards will be paid to the awardees through Paytm.