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6.8 pc power tariff hike for domestic, industrial consumers

PTI Thiruvanan
Updated: 08-07-2019 21:23 IST
6.8 pc power tariff hike for domestic, industrial consumers

The Kerala state Electricity Board Monday increased power tariff for domestic and industrial consumers by an overall 6.8 per cent. The Electricity Regulatory Commission (ERC), in a press meet here, said the hike, which would come into effect immediately is for a three year period from 2019.

The highest increase for various categories of domestic consumers is 11.4 per cent. However, families under the Below Poverty Line (BPL) category and those with a monthly consumption of 40 units have been exempted from the hike.

"Those who have a monthly consumption of 50 units will have to pay Rs 5 more. Beyond that, for every unit, there is an increase of Rs 30 paise. The new tariff will come into effect from today," the ERC chairman Preman Dhinraj told reporters.

The tariff revision is expected to fetch KSEB an additional revenue of Rs 902 crore during this fiscal year, the official said. The ERC also said that BPL families having cancer patients or permanently disabled persons as family members would be allowed to consume up to 100 units a month at the subsidise rate of Rs 1.50 per unit..

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