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Indian Rock Python rescued after getting tangled in fishing net

4-ft-long python rescued after getting entangled in fishing net

PTI India
Updated: 04-08-2018 17:44 IST

A four-foot-long Indian Rock Python was today rescued by the Wildlife SOS after it got entangled in a fishing net in Kumargadh village here.

"The python is under immense stress and is under mandated medical observation to ensure it recuperates safely from the ordeal," Deputy Director, Wildlife SOS (Veterinary Services), Dr. Ilayaraja said.

He said a three-member team from the Wildlife SOS, a non-profit organization rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife in distress, rushed to the village in the Barauli Gujar area when informed about the reptile getting trapped in the fishing net.

It took them nearly 30 minutes to extricate the python, he Ilayaraja.

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