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Surat hero: Ketan Jorawadia emerges as saviour; becomes internet sensation

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Updated: 25-05-2019 14:01 IST
Surat hero: Ketan Jorawadia emerges as saviour; becomes internet sensation

Image Credit: ANI

A massive fire engulfed a multi-storey Takshashila Arcade building, housing a coaching centre, located in the Sarthana area of Surat and claimed as many as 20 lives, all of them students. But many lives were saved and Ketan Jorawadia from Surat played a significant role in that showing bravery through the tragedy.

Ketan Jorawadia has gone viral online for trying to help students get out of the building safely after he had managed to stand on the ledge of the building.

Twitteratis are widely paying respect to the 'Surat Hero' for his act of bravery as he risked his own life to save students.

A culpable homicide case has been filed by police against three people over the incident. Satish Sharma, Commissioner of Police in the city of Surat, told reporters that one of the three men named in the police report ran the classes and has been arrested, though no charges have been brought yet.

The Gujarat government has ordered an inquiry into the incident, as well as a fire safety audit of schools, colleges, coaching centres and commercial buildings in Surat, where the fire occurred.

There was no safety equipment installed in the building and no escape routes for the students, a fire official separately said.

Some eyewitnesses and families of the victims have also alleged fire officials were slow to arrive, according to Reuters partner ANI. Paresh Patel, whose daughter was inside the commercial complex when the fire broke out, said the fire brigade took 45 minutes to arrive.