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Muslims has retained their caste while converting from Hinduism: Fadnavis

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Updated: 30-11-2018 16:13 IST
Muslims has retained their caste while converting from Hinduism: Fadnavis

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Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis Friday told the Assembly that those who believe there are castes among Muslims who deserve reservation could approach the State Backward Class Commission (SBCC) to requisition a survey. Speaking in the Assembly, Fadnavis said reservations were given on the basis of caste and there was no caste system among Muslims or Christians.

"There are some backward castes among Muslims as they had retained their caste while converting from Hinduism. About 52 backward castes among Muslims are given reservations at present," he said. "Those who feel there are more castes among Muslims who need reservations can approach the SBCC for conducting a survey. The recommendations of the SBCC will be binding on the government," Fadnavis said.

He assured that he would convene a meeting of group leaders of the legislature to find a way out to provide relief to families of those who had committed suicide during the Maratha quota stir. "Such a message shouldn't go in a society that to get issues addressed or resolved, committing suicide is an option.

Kakasaheb Shinde had announced he would take Jal Samadhi. Police should have saved him but unfortunately, that didn't happen. So we took responsibility of supporting the family," Fadnavis said. Across Maharashtra, 543 cases were filed against Maratha youth in connection with the quota stir, out of which 66 were withdrawn, he said.

"A total of 46 cases were serious and cannot be withdrawn. The final decision regarding withdrawal of 65 cases has been made.

The process of withdrawal has begun for 314 cases," Fadnavis said. Fadnavis said in the Bhima Koregaon violence, 655 cases were filed, of which 63 had been withdrawn, and the process of withdrawal of 159 cases was in progress. He added that 275 cases are in the charge-sheet stage after which they will be withdrawn.

Fadnavis said there was no need to hold a special session of the legislature to pass Dhangar reservation. "The report of Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) is being studied by the cabinet sub-committee, and the ATR (action is taken a report) would be tabled in the next legislative session.

The recommendation would be sent to the Centre," the Maharashtra CM said. The demand for a special session of the legislature to pass Dhangar reservation was made by Leader of opposition Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil.

Imtiaz Jaleel of AIMIM accused the Congress of neglecting Muslims, following which Shashikant Shinde (NCP) and Mohammed Arif Naseem Khan (Congress) objected to the remark. Khan termed the AIMIM as the "B team" of the BJP, alleging that it polarises society like the BJP.

(With inputs from agencies.)