Amit Shah's Election Rally: Predictions and Accusations

In a recent election rally, Union Home Minister Amit Shah predicted the defeat of Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. He claimed PM Modi would secure over 310 seats, while Rahul Gandhi and Akhilesh Yadav would fare poorly. Shah accused both Rahul and Akhilesh of corruption and criticized their lack of understanding of the common people's issues.

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Amit Shah's Election Rally: Predictions and Accusations
Amit Shah
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Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge will lose his job after the Lok Sabha poll results are announced on June 4 but Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi will not be blamed for the defeat, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said on Monday.

Shah said Rahul Gandhi's people will also do a press conference post polls, saying they lost due to EVMs.

''I have the details of the first five phases. In five phases of the Lok Sabha polls, PM Modi has crossed 310 seats. Rahul will not cross 40 and Akhilesh Yadav will not get even 4 seats on June 4,'' he said at an election rally here.

Shah said Kharge is going to lose his job as 'bhai behen' (Rahul, Priyanka) will not be blamed for the defeat.

Slamming the SP and Congress, he said while PM Narendra Modi was born in the house of a backward, both Rahul and Akhilesh were born with a silver spoon and don't know about the problems being faced by people of Purvanchal (eastern UP).

''They did not like the weather of the country. Rahul used to go to Thailand on leave every six months. They did not tolerate the heat of Purvanchal. While PM Modi has not taken a single leave in his tenure,'' he said.

While accusing Rahul Gandhi and Akhilesh Yadav of being involved in corruption, the senior BJP leader said PM Modi has never faced any such allegation.

''As chief minister and prime minister, no allegation of corruption of even 25 paisa was raised against Modi while the two ''shehzade' (Rahul-Akhilesh) were involved in corruption worth Rs 12 lakh crore,'' he alleged without elaborating.

Referring to the Sahara group, Shah claimed ''Akhilesh's party used to run from Sahara's fund. The scam was done in their (SP) regime. We have ensured a refund of people's money and the process has started.'' Sahara group firms were accused of circumventing regulations with Ponzi schemes. The group has denied the charges.

Further attacking the Samajwadi Party, he claimed in the previous regime there was ''one district one mafia'' but now we have ''one district one product'' scheme to benefit people.

Shah said sugar mills were closed in the previous SP-BSP regimes while the Yogi Adityanath government has paid cane due to farmers. He told the gathering that ''If you people make them (opposition) win they will take away reservation of Dalits, backwards and tribals and give to Muslims....They did the same in Karnataka, Hyderabad and Bengal, but the HC did not allow it. Muslim reservation cannot be given constitutionally''.

''They talk of this for their vote bank. You need not worry, till a single MP of BJP is there, we will not allow reservation based on religion,'' Shah said.

The senior BJP leader claimed that the opposition has decided to make one PM every year during the five-year tenure.

''Who can give a befitting reply to Pakistan, save you from Covid, end terrorism and naxalism and do welfare of 60 crore people of the country...only Modi,'' he asserted.

He said when there will be five PMs in five years they will again implement Article 370, bring back triple talaq and start talking to terrorists.

Raising the Ram temple issue, the Home Minister said the SP government had opened fire on Ram bhakts while the Congress stalled the temple issue for 70 years.

''Modiji not only did bhoomipujan of the temple but also attended pran pratishtha, renovated Kashi Vishwanat temple, and worked towards gold plating of the Somnath temple,'' he said.

Referring to Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar's Pakistan atom bomb remarks, Shah said ''The BJP people are not afraid of atom bombs. PoK is ours and we will take it back.''

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