US Lifts Ban on Controversial Azov Brigade: Boost in Arms Aid Amid Ukraine War

The US has lifted its ban on providing weapons and training to Ukraine's Azov Brigade. Despite its controversial far-right origins, the unit's current members reject extremism allegations. The move is expected to enhance Azov's combat capabilities amid ongoing Russian aggression. Critics highlight past human rights concerns and Russia's narratives branding the brigade as Nazi-linked.

PTI | Kyiv | Updated: 11-06-2024 17:19 IST | Created: 11-06-2024 17:19 IST
US Lifts Ban on Controversial Azov Brigade: Boost in Arms Aid Amid Ukraine War
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The US has officially lifted the ban on supplying weapons and tactical training to Ukraine's Azov Brigade, a move that could significantly boost the unit's fighting capabilities in the ongoing war with Russia, the State Department announced on Tuesday.

The Azov Brigade, one of Ukraine's most effective military units, has faced scrutiny for its origins as a volunteer battalion with ties to far-right groups. However, current members have distanced themselves from these allegations. Despite prior US restrictions due to its controversial past, the brigade is celebrated in Ukraine for its critical role in defending Mariupol.

The State Department clarified it found "no evidence" of human rights violations by the Azov Brigade, paving the way for lifting the ban. This decision arrives at a crucial time, as Ukraine faces ongoing personnel and ammunition shortages. The Azov Brigade expressed optimism, stating that Western support will enhance their combat effectiveness and safeguard their troops.

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