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Sushil Kumar Modi appeals criminals to maintain law and order during "Pitri Paksh" fair

Devdiscourse News Desk India
Updated: 24-09-2018 21:21 IST
Sushil Kumar Modi appeals criminals to maintain law and order during "Pitri Paksh" fair

Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi's appeal to criminals for giving up anti-social activities during the ongoing "Pitri Paksh" fair at Gaya drew snide remarks from the opposition RJD Monday.

The fortnight-long "Pitri Paksh Mela" to worship ancestor was inaugurated by the Deputy Chief Minister at Gaya on Sunday. News channels Monday ran a footage of Sushil Modi's speech at the inaugural function wherein he was saying "I urge criminals with folded hands to give up their activities at least during the Pitri Paksh".

"You go on doing as you wish at other times and keep the police on their toes, but during these 15-16 days of religious festivities, do not indulge in any activity that tarnishes the image of Bihar, brings a bad name to the holy town of Gaya and gives the visitors a reason to complain", the Deputy CM had said.

Sharing one such news item on his twitter handle, RJD heir apparent Tejashwi Yadav trained his guns at the Deputy CM, besides Chief Minister Nitish Kumar whom he did not mention by name. "No need to be surprised even if the infamous pair falls at the feet of criminals....after all, criminals have more AK 47 rifles than the Bihar police", Yadav remarked.

The RJD leader's comment was in the backdrop of their claim of a spurt in crimes across the state in the recent past and the alleged use of automatic rifles in the murder of an ex-Mayor in Muzaffarpur on Sunday.