Forest Dept asks CZA for approval for developing mini open-air zoo at Eco Park

PTI | Kolkata | Updated: 12-07-2021 11:20 IST | Created: 12-07-2021 11:20 IST
Forest Dept asks CZA for approval for developing mini open-air zoo at Eco Park
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The West Bengal Forest department has sent a proposal to the Central Zoo Authority (CZA) for developing a mini open-air zoo having two sections - herbivore and carnivore - at the Eco Park in New Town, the emerging satellite township near the city.

The Eco Park already has a deer park called the Harinalaya which will be developed as the herbivore section.

A senior forest official told PTI on Sunday they are waiting for the CZA approval.

He said that the forest department can only expect that the two sections in over 10 acres of land and neighbouring patches will come up by next year attracting a lot of visitors.

''While at present the Harinalaya only houses spotted and barking deer, we have suggested to the CZA both deer and antelopes be kept in the herbivore section. There will be giraffe, zebra, hippo,'' he said.

''We have also proposed setting up an aviary to accommodate a variety of local birds in the section and a shelter for reptiles, local species of turtles,'' he said.

Stating the pandemic situation is causing a delay in processing the plan pending approval by CZA, the top official said ''we are holding online sessions with the authorities. We hope there will be a positive response to the herbivore section which will then see it coming up in December.'' ''We expect they will also give green signal to the carnivore section, housing big cats, hyenas, leopards, wild dogs to help it come up in 2022,'' he said, adding that unless the plan is approved by the central agency, the state cannot say the deer park will be converted into a mini open air zoo.

Harinalaya has around 37 deer and the plan was made by the forest authorities last year in consultation with officials of the Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation (Hidco).

At present, the deer inhabitants are having a great time with no visitors, vast swathes of green and large waterbody nearby,' the official said.

He said the department will be planting different fruit trees in the area as deer love fruits.

''Unlike the Alipore Zoological Gardens which is a traditional zoo with different species of animals kept in different enclosure, in the herbivore section we would like to keep different species together as they live in forests. This is a modern zoo concept and also ensures there is no strain on the food chain and ecosystem of that area,'' he said.

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