Classic Games That Continue To Be Popular

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Classic Games That Continue To Be Popular
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There are always new and exciting game titles being released by the world’s biggest game developers. Indeed, that’s part of what keeps gamers so engrossed in their hobby. They know that it’s impossible to grow bored when there is another first-rate title on its way. Even this year, there’s a host of big games coming to PlayStation and Xbox, ensuring that gamers can keep on having fun.

But it’s not just the new titles that gamers enjoy playing. There are plenty of old, classic games that can provide a dopamine rush, too.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at some titles and game types that have enduring popularity, ones that we’ll be playing forever.

Super Mario

How many games that will be released this year will still be in the public’s consciousness in 35 years' time? We’re going to predict that the answer to that question will be: zero. Yet there’s one game that came out more than 35 years ago that will likely still be around in another 35. Who doesn’t love Super Mario?

He is far and away Nintendo’s most successful creation, and while there was a recent rumor that the Italian plumber may be put into retirement, he remains extremely popular. The overall franchise has spawned some 200 games, and it’s entirely possible that every gamer in the world has played one of the games at least once. A runaway success? Super Mario is the very definition.

Arcade and Slot Games

Much was lost in the transition from the “real world” to the “digital world.” For example, DVDs and CDs. But the gaming world was different. Some games were simply too good to be consigned to history. Arcade games and slots were popular in brick-and-mortar establishments in the pre-internet era. In the digital age, they’ve been repackaged and reborn. Today, you can play classic games and slots online, right from your browser. Will there ever be a time when people aren’t playing Pac-Man? We don’t think so.

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Half-Life 2

It’s astonishing to think that Half-Life came out in 2004. That’s not far off twenty years ago, and yet people still love playing this title. And it’s not hard to see why. It’s one of the best PC games that there’ll ever be. The original Half Life has a lot of fans, but it was the sequel that really caught the public’s imagination. The enduring popularity of this title has something to do with the absence of Half Life 3. That game has been rumored since, well, forever, but there’s still no sign of it, and there’s every chance that it never comes.

In the meantime, fans can continue to play Half-Life 2. There have been plenty of mods over the years, so the game has managed to stay fresh and relevant, even 18 years after its release.

GTA Vice City

In reality, we could have included a number of GTA games. They all remain beloved. Yet none are quite as beloved as GTA Vice City, and the reason for that is that this title is pretty much perfect in every way. While many classic games lose their appeal because newer titles have better graphics, Vice City's jonky graphics actually work in its favor. Plus, it’s the easiest, most fun way to dive into one’s past.

If you played Vice City when it first came out, then you’ll always get a thrill from seeing the opening credits. Throw in the great open-world where you just cruise and explore for days, and you’ve got a winning formula for a game that will likely be as popular in twenty years as it is today.

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