How to effectively monetize an Instagram account?

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How to effectively monetize an Instagram account?
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Instagram is the priority platform in the world where a huge number of potential clients are concentrated, and a variety of instruments are presented for the realization of business processes. Instagram is the best tool for building trust and this is the key factor for converting your competencies into profit. In this article, we will consider how to turn Instagram into a high converting mechanism and bring your business to the next level.

Why is it important to develop a personal brand?

A personal brand is an image that is formed in the minds of your audience, who may not know you personally. When you choose targeted advertising or order advertising from bloggers, your audience sees you in absentia and when people go to your profile the first thing they pay attention to is its packaging. It's very important to be able to manage what people think of you.

Nowadays personal brand is the best traffic channel with the help of which you can increase brand recognition, reputation, reach and get loyalty from your clients.

Growing your personal brand helps you attract larger and more established clients. When people see interesting and useful content, with client testimonials, successful cases, and your expert opinion, they are much more likely to come to you for a service. Now, customers prefer professionals with a developed personal brand, because it's a guarantee that they are responsible and will do their job well.

A personal brand allows you to establish useful connections and make profitable collaborations.  Every specialist has a period when he needs a personal assistant. With a well-packaged Instagram profile, you can find employees and contractors for your project. Moreover, these are people who already know you, understand your values, and want to work with you.

How to build high-conversion sales on Instagram?

There are several methods to build sales funnels through a personal brand. You can sell by publishing a warming chain of posts. It's best to alternate a series of posts that sell you as an expert and indirectly selling ones. In the first stages, many entrepreneurs buy Instagram likes, comments, and subscribers, so that people perceive the content as valuable and in demand. Thus, with the help of content marketing, you form trust, build long-lasting relationships with the audience, warm up interest in your products and services and people will faster and easier convert into buyers.

You can sell via Stories format. In this case, it is effective to share expert content for a few days, then publish successful cases and finally make a concrete offer. An effective tool is the surveys, with the help of which, you can segment the target audience and then offer solutions to their tasks in a more personalized way.

The next sales strategy is the use of live broadcasts. It is recommended to go live regularly, give useful content, mentioning indirectly your services and the presence of a large number of clients. This way your potential clients will understand that you are a practicing expert will see that you are in demand and after the live broadcasts will be interested in the cost of your services, what format you work in, etc.

How to automate sales?

The key task for entrepreneurs is to scale the business, so they tend to optimize most of the processes and delegate some of the tasks to professionals. For example, nowadays people don't spend time on recruiting the initial audience and increasing involvement but buy real Instagram likes, followers, views, and other activity metrics. Chat bots are a tool that can automate sales. This program establishes communication between your brand and your potential customer and can advise, answer frequently asked questions, collect feedback from potential customers and accept payments.

Every year advertising is getting more expensive and it is becoming more difficult to fight for the attention of the target audience. With the help of a chat bot, you can involve a person in the sales funnel and, using a chain of warm-up letters, interest him, guide him according to an algorithm, and then convert him into a buyer.  Using surveys, chat bots can segment the audience and as a result, people will receive a more targeted and interesting to them mailing. Moreover, this tool allows you to provide timely notification of bonus systems and loyalty programs.  Today chat bots are a highly converting tool that can process an unlimited number of requests and save you a major resource, time.

To sum up,  developing Instagram is a long-term project that requires regularity and a comprehensive approach. So, conduct live broadcasts, generate high-quality valuable content, engage through the Stories format, and always look for ways to automate and accelerate your business processes. A personal brand is one of the key marketing tools helping any entrepreneur to be successful. So, for many businesses ignoring this tool means losing money.

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