How to make YouTube channel successful and useful for business

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How to make YouTube channel successful and useful for business

Brands nowadays probably cannot survive the competition without using social media as a platform for attracting more customers to their business. On networks like YouTube, where the main focus is video, it seems a complicated task. How not get lost in the daily flow of new videos that are uploaded to the platform daily? Luckily, there are experts who can help you with that! Damien Hong, one of the known YouTube marketing and promotion experts is glad to share his opinions and tips about creating and running a successful and useful YouTube channel for business.

Purchasing Stats - Yes or No?

Many people consider paid services that help to increase YouTube stats do only damage to the channel. But according to Damien Hong, it is not as easy as it seems, when it comes to purchasing things for your growth.

“Don’t buy YouTube views and likes with instant delivery and hope that the result will improve instantly too. Unfortunately for those who seek an easy way out, there is still much work to be done. No paid metrics will be of use if you are not putting much effort into creating a decent strategy that will hold you on.”

So, before you are going to get some views for your channel, think twice if everyone Hong is settled well in your tactics, so you can maintain the balance you created and increase the number of organic subscribers, views, and likes on your channel.

Aim For Valuable Content

YouTube has probably the biggest variety of content. Here you can find lots of engaging and fun videos, but nowadays people seek something more than just fun. So, to drive the attention of your target audience to you, offer them something valuable and useful, that will not only expose your product at best but also increase their loyalty to your brand.

For example, you can share your experience as a brand owner and help other people to make their dreams come true - probably using your product as they go. Such an approach is not directly selling, but you have to remember that social media like YouTube is not about sales, but about driving more attention to your brand, humanizing it, and improving your relations with the target audience.

Post More Often

Consistency and frequency are vital for your growth because both YouTube algorithms and users love organized systems. If you post more often, you release more content to engage with and thus rating algorithms receive information that your content makes people stay on the platform for a longer time - and this is what they want! By posting videos frequently, you win the attention of your target group and make them want more. It is recommended to begin with uploading one video per week, and further increase it up to 2-3 videos with different purposes. With a few videos, it is easier to produce engagement than with one - if you only upload a single video, you will have problems with keeping up the activity on your channel. However, if you are at the beginning of your way, the less can be the better, so you have the opportunity to sort things out for yourself and improve your strategy.

Be Smart With Keywords

YouTube SEO seems to be a pain for many bloggers and businesses, but in fact, all you have to do is find the right keywords that work for you specifically.

Damien notes: “I often see randomness in YouTube titles, video descriptions, and a total mess in tags. I think it physically hurts me when the SEO is ruined by neglecting its basic rules of it. But in fact, it is quite simple to create a working scheme - concentrate each video around a single keyword, and use it actively in all the supporting aspects. Choose a keyword-friendly topic, and you won’t have any problems with getting more visibility on the platform. YouTube algorithms like when everything is organized, and being neat with your keywords is one of such factors.”

Tip: to increase your discoverability and squeeze in more keywords, you should use closed captions! This will also help you to drive more international audiences.

The Art Of The Thumbnails

Another important point that some entrepreneurs neglect. A good custom thumbnail attracts viewers, while the basic ones that are offered automatically by YouTube studio have no such impact on the audience. This small picture is the first thing that a potential viewer sees, so it’s vital to create a thumbnail that helps them to decide if your video is the one they needed to watch. Here are some basic principles for creating a fine thumbnail for YouTube videos:

  • Use a consistent color scheme with distinct silhouettes that are easy to recognize
  • Aim for minimalistic designs
  • Give your viewers a hint on what they can see in your video, but leave some intrigue
  • Don’t add too many details - the picture is too small for that. Leave only key details to make the picture distinct
  • Add at least one keyword
  • Prefer using bold and big fonts

Comments Generate Engagement

YouTube ranking is a complex system and simply getting many views or likes is not enough for growth. You have to provoke as much activity as possible, generating more and more engagement. That’s why you shouldn’t be focused on numbers. Your main concern on YouTube is the quality of your audience, and how much they interact with your content.

Your prominent instrument for engaging and motivating your viewers is comments. You should pay much attention to your communication and make sure that you have at least one active conversation going on. And never be satisfied with brief and pointless notes! Ask your audience for their opinion and be ready to discuss it openly, ask questions and collect new experiences… In other words, you must aim for a deeper talk than simply thanking people.

Smart tip: to push your audience for a talk, you can pin your comment and ask users a question, or suggest a topic to discuss. Pinned comments always remain on top of the page, so more people can join the conversation.

Brand Your Channel Layout

Along with the quality content, you have to trigger interest and make your product memorable with all the supportive branding that you can do on YouTube. Create recognizable visuals that emphasize the authenticity and style of your brand. You can add the branding details to your profile picture, and channel art, and, as Damien recommends, create a special design in your studio. adding details that will associate with your brand. Of course, you should also place links to your website and other social media profiles to enhance the effect of recognizing your brand.

It is important to remember that your branding is not only about visuals. In modern business strategy, you have to provide more information about your brand values and ethics. You cannot stay aside from important moves in society as well. To make your brand stronger and more relevant to your customers, expose to them your way of managing the brand and the opinions that you as a businessman are concerned about.


As comes out from this article, YouTube is an essential part of modern business promotion. The variety of possible content is a huge assistance in establishing the relationship with your potential and actual customers, as well as presenting your product from new angles.

Damien Hong: “I know for sure that many people doubt that YouTube is a good choice for business promotion. And they prefer Instagram or Facebook. But I also know that YouTube has basically all you need for effective growth, thanks to the fact that it is a part of Google corporation. And that’s just one of the many perks that this social platform has to offer. You only have to know the right tricks to make it work for you. Or ask me for help!”

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