Dream big, never give up, Anil Agarwal exhorts students at Oxford Union

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Dream big, never give up, Anil Agarwal exhorts students at Oxford Union
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Mining mogul Anil Agarwal in an interaction with students at the Oxford Union in London motivated them to dream big as he shared important learnings from his entrepreneurial journey.

He is the first Indian Business Founder to speak at one of the world's foremost debating societies.

Sharing his experiences, Agarwal, who is a first-generation entrepreneur hailing from a small village in Bihar and is now based in London, told students that success and setbacks are part and parcel of life, and his biggest learning is to never stop trying.

His remarks were shared by Vedanta, the group he heads, in a statement.

Speaking at the forum, he said, ''Growing up, I only knew two words in English, 'yes', and 'no'. I would use the Oxford Dictionary to translate words from Hindi to English, and never got the opportunity to study at a university. Speaking at the Oxford Union gave me the chance to interact with future leaders of our world, and I sincerely hope I was able to inspire them with my words because their convictions in their aspirations certainly motivated me''.

Oxford University has been the top educational institution with a legacy of over 900 years, and has produced some of the finest world leaders.

''My journey from a small village in Bihar to London Stock Exchange has been one filled with many learnings, lots of hard work, and self-belief. My advice to the students was simple: be fearless (because luck favours the brave), be humble (because growth happens when you look inwards), and be flexible (because there is no substitute for hard work). The amalgamation of youth and tech will lead the world to a newer order,'' he asserted.

Vedanta's Chairman strongly believes that the youth is the future and through his talk, he encouraged the youngsters to work hard and follow a 3 pillar framework – to be fearless, humble and flexible.

Agarwal, who has pledged to give 75 per cent of his wealth towards philanthropy and social good, recently joined The Giving Pledge, a movement of global philanthropists, who commit to giving the majority of their wealth to philanthropy or charitable causes, the statement noted.

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