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German firm Hoffman group launches innovative cutting tools at Imtex

Devdiscourse News Desk bengaluru India
Updated: 29-01-2019 18:14 IST
German firm Hoffman group launches innovative cutting tools at Imtex

German machine tools provider Hoffmann Group has announced the launch of three new innovative cutting tools at the ongoing 19th Indian Metal-Cutting Machine Tool Exhibition (Imtex) here. The Munich-based group, which has an Indian arm, describes itself as Europe's leading system partner for quality tools with major listed companies as customers in more than 50 countries.

The three tools launched at Imtex are cutters for titanium processing, carbide barrel milling cutters and tools for processing threads for a wide range of materials. "The cutters for titanium processing are made from premium substrate for maximum bending strength, polished chip flutes to reduce adhesion, defined edge hones for superior tool life, advanced coating that reduces heat input and leads to high wear resistance," a company statement said.

"The solid carbide barrel milling cutters reduce process times and increase surface quality. The high-performance GARANT MasterTap offers threads processing for a wide range of materials." Commenting on the development, Hoffmann India Director Manav Goel said in a statement: "We have been in the Indian market for two years now and it has so far proved to be a growing and promising one. We are sure that these three innovations will also get a good response in the Indian market." Hoffmann Group's global portfolio includes quality tools, workstations and storage solutions for industrial supplies, the statement added.

(With inputs from agencies.)