VentAllOut shows immense promise as structurally well-built network

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VentAllOut shows immense promise as structurally well-built network

VentAllOut, the latest social platform, may be a new kid on the block but shows immense promise as a structurally well-built network. It stands out from others on its ability to allow users to freely express their long-hidden frustration and daily drag. What's even better is the anonymity it provides users to vent freely on without having to expose their real identity.

This especially comes at a time when major social media platforms are facing flack for playing with user data and privacy issue. The new social platform is a relief from the overdose of sentimental posts by relatives and friends and people are not interested in but feel obliged to indulge in. VentAllOut lets its users switch their profile to 'Public' or 'Private', allowing them to turn off identity settings so others would not be able to access their profile. With practically zero risk of having identity revealed, this surfaces as the best option for working individuals to clear their mind after a long day at work.

The platform has gained a lot of traction since launch, garnering everyday hits and signups from people of all ages, particularly working individuals and youth. Unlike other social platforms where users follow a person or a brand, VentAllOut lets users follow only vents or topics. This especially makes sense because individuals support an opinion and not the person, who could be wrong or right on separate subject matters.

The platform also uses a balanced mix of enticing features to keep users engaged. It uses gamification to boost interaction and activity:

● Ability to choose from multiple categories for vents - politics, current affairs, daily drag, entertainment and grievance - covering almost every sphere of life

● Gain reward points 'VPoints' for posting vents, liking, commenting and sharing

● Earn digital badges as a symbol of achievement

● Level Ups upon consistent participation

● Engagement Tracker for users to measure vent performance

Occasional VPolls further help users put forward their opinion on important issues and support social causes. The platform features VMoments, where users can even click and upload interesting or frustrating photographs on their way, allowing them to reach out to a wide user base instantly.

VentAllOut is the latest entrant in the changing social media space with the core objective to help users shed and vent out anger in all aspects of life. It is a privately held social platform for people to express their opinion on a glaring social issue or pour their heart out anonymously. This makes it the only platform online to respect user privacy in the real sense. The platform is open to all and is a free-to-join network.

The company's Founder Sumit Mittal says, "The entire premise of building VentAllOut was to give users a platform that would let them truly voice their opinion. It is not a place to spread hatred. This is where people can genuinely be who they are. A lot of people choose to remain silent for the fear of risking their identity or to stay away from confronting friends, family or peers.

VentAllOut is the Holy Grail for them. You no longer have to fear your boss while voicing your opinion of him as a person or to highlight your company's wrong business policies. You could share the feedback about a product you bought and found faulty or write a movie review. The whole idea is to foster transparency through a platform that promises anonymity. People would come out calmer, reducing self-inflictions and road rage incidents."

(With inputs from agencies.)



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