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Mumbai, oil market glance

PTI | Mumbai | Updated: 06-06-2019 16:21 IST | Created: 06-06-2019 15:54 IST
Mumbai, oil market glance

MUMBAI, JUN 6, (PTI) OILS :- (per 10 Kgs) G. Nut Raw 1010.00 Kardi Expeller 880.00 Sesame Expeller - Sunflower Exp. 740.00 Sunflower Exp.Ref. 775.00 Cottonseed(Refined) 755.00 Refined Palm Oil 590.00 Soyabean Ref. 747.00 Imp.Soyabean Crude - Rapeseed Ref 810.00 Rapeseed Exp. 780.00 Copra white 1170.00 Rice Bran 4-7% FFA - Rice Bran 770.00 Linseed 840.00 Castor Comm. 1138.00 F.S.G. 1148.00 F.S.G.Kandla 1128.00 Mowra - Neem 1050.00 Karanji 710.00OIL SEEDS (per 100 Kgs) Ground Nut Gr. Kernel 5050.00 Gr. Bolds 60/70 7450.00 Gr. Javas 60/70 9200.00 Gr Javas 70/80 8800.00 Gr.Javas 80/90 8500.00 Kardiseed 2pct Crug/Expor Qly 4500.00 Seasameseed Seasameseed Whitish 98/2/FFA/1FM 11000.00 Whitish 95/5/FFA/1FM 10500.00 Brown 48/2 FFA/4 FM 9500.00 Brown 48/3 FFA/4 FM 9400.00 Brown 48/4 FM/* No FFA Guarantee 9000.00 Sun Flower Sunflower Seed 4450.00 Nigerseed 4 Pct FM 5200.00 Castorseed Bombay 5540.00 Castorseed Disa - Castorseed Hyderabad -DEOILED CAKES (per M.T.) Extr 23500.00 Kardi Extr - Sesame Extr - Cottonseed Extr - Undec Cottonseed Exp 30800.00 Rice Bran Extr. - Sunflower Extr. 23500.00 Rapeseed Extr. - Soyameal 48% 32660.00 Castor Extr. 7100.00------------------- Oilcakes:-Groundnut Expeller Oilcake Rd (per met.tonne)(50%):RS.25,000/-Kardi Expeller Oilcake Rd(per2 metric tonnes) : UNQTD

Groundnut Extraction (per metric tonne) : UNQTD-------------------PTI MUM SVCSVC SVC



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