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Kriger Campus - India's Education Network Launched; Now Available On PlayStore

Kriger Campus, India’s first mobile-based education networking app, is launched and available for free download.

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Updated: 15-02-2019 19:25 IST

Kriger Campus, India's first mobile-based education networking app, is launched and available for free download on android. The app is conceptualised after identifying the prevalent problem of networking gaps among education stakeholders, communities, and beneficiaries.

" The app is a major step in democratizing education resources and removing information assymetry. So, the bilingual mobile app is our first step in making India 100% literate." said Suraj Satyarthi, Founder of Kriger Campus.

These perils are addressed and solved head-on with the launch of our Kriger Campus App in the market. Additionally, the issues of course confusion among students regarding lack of appropriate and little guidance were deliberated.

Any person residing in India, who is directly or indirectly engaged in the education sector, can download the app and start using it in simple steps.

The Free Education Networking App connects its users with close-connected education networking loop comprising of an expert panel, career counselor, alumni, entrepreneur, student, teacher-professor, intern recruiter, subject expert, and many more for interaction.

Both parents and teachers can get answers on education-related queries from credible sources or alumni.

Active users on the Kriger Campus App, starting from Day 1, will receive all education-related news curated from 300+ sources every morning on their phones. Besides, news alerts, enriching content based on - topper interviews, exam tips, study routine, expert analysis, campus life, will also be featured on the app regularly.

The App empowers users to network as they get a list of '20 Suggested Profiles' from diverse backgrounds every day. You can connect to a profile of your choice with a single click. Also, you can search a specific profile and add it to your network and keep an eye on the benefitting newsfeed.

The App helps users in accelerating their Exam Preparation by allowing them to create or join a 'study group' which has no membership limit and fee. Take all these advantages of Kriger Campus App and get noticed in the educational circuit. On the timeline, users can also post messages or responses, photos, and tag people from their network.

Currently, the app has perched an impressive 4.8 rating on Google Play Store and boasts of 3000+ downloads within two weeks of getting launched. In the future, multiple languages will also be added, along with IOS version and a dedicated website.