One Piece Chapter 1052: The celebration continues in Wano but Gorosei planning next move

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One Piece Chapter 1052: The celebration continues in Wano but Gorosei planning  next move
The festive environment is everywhere in the country. But Gorosei order CPO again to capture Robin Image Credit: One Piece Chapter 1038 / Fandom
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The Japanese anime, One Piece Chapter 1052 is the upcoming installment of the Japanese manga. Fans were mesmerized by the plot of Chapter 1051 which ends with Kaido and Big Mom being defeated, and the Wano arc is finally over.

With that, a new era in the land of Wano finally began. At the same time, fans also got to see Yamato join the Straw Hat Pirates unofficially and introduce herself to the crew.

The final saga of One Piece manga will begin in Chapter 1054, which means we are getting closer to the end of the popular Japanese manga.

But according to a recent editor's note, Luffy will be more severely injured from the latest battle than previously assumed. While some of the fans are assuming that Kaido may fight back in One Piece Chapter 1052 or something big will happen to Luffy like Gear Fifth could put implausible stress on Luffy's heart.

One Piece Chapter 1052 is titled "New Morning" and the cover page highlights the Encounter of the Germa Siblings with the mad scientist Ceaser.

In the previous two articles, we talked about the initial spoilers which were out a few days back but one more trusty source revealed One Piece Chapter 1052 spoilers.

The Wano arc will be over with One Piece Chapter 1052. The new installment begins with Holy Land Mary Geoise, where the Elders speak about Nika's new appearance in the new world. The CPOs managed to escape from the country. The Elders contact a vessel near Wano, wondering if Zunesha has vanished. As the borders remain closed, it appears that Zunesha has left Wano. The new leaders of the country will make new plans to rule.

One of the spoilers predicts Nicco Robin is most likely to be kidnapped and taken away by the Gorosei. They will order CPO again to capture Robin.

The festive environment is everywhere in the country. People are praising how the Joy Boy defeated Kaido. But Luffy needs more care, as he has fought it against Kaido in chapter 1049 and he uses Gear 5. It gives a bad effect on the body. As per the editor's note, Luffy's life could be at risk. Moreover, Luffy is no longer able to use his Devil Fruit when his condition will be weak.

Meanwhile, Hawkins and Drake will have a conversation. As Hawkins can foresee the future with his card, he could see the outcome of the battle with straw hats, and the alliance is successful. Hawkins confirms that he was talking about himself when he said that one person has only a 1% chance of survival. He also predicts Kaido's defeat with his cards but didn't say anything because of his pride.

One Piece Chapter 1052 will release on June 12, 2022, without any break. You can read the manga chapters online for free from Shonen Jump, Viz Media, and Manga Plus apps and websites. Stay tuned to Devdiscourse to get the latest updates on Japanese manga chapters.

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