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Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission to be screened in US, Tickets will be on sale in December

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Updated: 19-11-2018 19:28 IST
Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission to be screened in US, Tickets will be on sale in December

(Image Credit: Twitter)

The anime enthusiasts will be excited to know 'Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission' is set to hit the theater screens in January 2019 through the United States. Fans of the Japanese manga series have been waiting for years to get any updates on it.

Viz Media has suddenly announced at the Anime NYC event (New York City's anime convention) on November 17 that it will commence screening of 'Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission' anime film anytime in the US in January. However, Viz Media is yet to announce the date of its re-premiere although the tickets will be going on sale in December 2018.

The Keiichiro Kawaguchi-directed 2013 Japanese animated feature film is the second movie based on the 'Hunter x Hunter' manga series created by Yoshihiro Togashi. Originally released in 2013 in Japan, the movie was later premiered in the US in 2014.

"The Battle Olympia tournament at Heaven's Arena is about to begin, but a terrifying enemy ends the festivities. Gon & Killua must defeat The Shadow before more Hunters fall!" Viz Media official described the movie. Hopefully, we will get more information as we get closer to its release.

The story of this renowned anime series focusses on a young boy named Gon Freecss suddenly comes to know that his father, who was declared dead, is not only in fact alive, he is also a globally-known Hunter. Apart from his passion for hunting, he is also known for exploring unidentified lands, discovering rare treasures, hunting down dangerous individuals etc. Gon contemplates to become a licensed hunter in order to come across his father, but in his journey he confronts more strange situations than he ever expected.

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