Remembering Jerry West: The Man Behind the NBA Logo

Jerry West, renowned as the silhouette in the NBA logo, passed away at 86. Champion player and esteemed executive, West left a monumental legacy in basketball. Even though he never sought the spotlight, his contributions shaped NBA history and inspired countless individuals within and beyond the sport.

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Remembering Jerry West: The Man Behind the NBA Logo
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The NBA has long kept one of basketball's worst-kept secrets: Jerry West's silhouette is depicted on the league's iconic logo. Ironically, West never desired that kind of recognition.

In a 2021 interview, West humbly said, "I'm just part of the game." Indeed, his life was extraordinary. An NBA and Olympic champion, a Hall of Fame inductee three times over, West passed away on Wednesday at age 86. The Los Angeles Clippers, where he served as a consultant for the past seven years, confirmed the news.

"Jerry was that person for me," said Pat Riley, Miami Heat President, who both played with and worked alongside West. West's remarkable career saw him as an All-Star in every one of his 14 NBA seasons, a championship-winning executive, and a figure beloved by many, including today's stars. Adam Silver, NBA Commissioner, called him "one of the greatest executives in sports history," highlighting his role in building eight championship teams. Tributes across the sports world poured in, celebrating West's indelible mark on basketball.

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